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Small Business Marketing Strategy

Many people are looking for a small business marketing strategy that actually works. In today’s world with all the technology and all the information that is going around it is quite difficult to get business for your small business.

Technology and information overload has caused many people to simply clowns over marketing information. A few years ago it was quite easy to get your marketing message out there but nowadays it has become harder.

Don’t you think that with all the information technology and with the ease of posting something on social media it should be easier but it is not.

The billions of websites out there simply overwhelms people.

For your business to be effective you need to create a small business marketing strategy that is very directed to the exact person that you are looking for.

The small business marketing strategy can also include various ways of doing it like for instance direct marketing, social media, videos, search engine optimisation and many more.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

What is a Small Business Marketing Strategy

Small business marketing strategy is a roadmap to guide you along the way to get more customers for your business.

The cost of getting these customers are also important, and therefore you need to test out different types of marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is to delegate the task of creating a marketing strategy. As a business owner you need to be hands-on with the creation of your business marketing strategy. There are certain tasks that you can delegate but not the strategy itself.

It is therefore very important to know how to implement technology in this road map.

Ways to promote a Small Business

There are many ways to promote a small business but in this article I want to look at the digital marketing and digital marketing options.

In any good marketing plan there are normally three things that you need to do
1 – Lead acquisition
2 – Closing the sale
3 – Customer Follow Up

Although they are technology solutions to all of these, the one aspect where technology can maybe play the biggest role is in lead acquisition.

Google has might lead to the acquisition very simple especially with the use of Google ads.

If you connect these ads with a good funneling system or a good landing page it is rather easy to get an abundance of leads.

What makes a good Marketing Strategy

A good small marketing business strategy is one where most of the tasks are automated. If you do it this way it is like setting up a 24-hour sales person that won’t stay away from the job, get sick will take the day off.

Creating funnels can help you to refine this prospects. It can also help directing them in a certain Direction where you can lead them through the process.

This means that a lot of your marketing efforts are done through the process and does not require human intervention.

This is partly possible because the prospect that you have was looking for the specific item or service that you are offering. This is the beauty of the search ads and keywords related terms.

This is also exactly why search engine optimisation should form a big part of your small business marketing plan.

If you can get your website to rank for the exact terms that people are searching to find your business online, you will have a 24-hour salesman that cost you nothing.

Automation is there for the best things that you can do for your small business marketing strategy.

How do you attract Customers to your Small Business

Attracting customers to the small business is now much easier than ever before. If you set your strategy up correctly you can draw customers to your business without much effort.

It all starts with a good advertising campaign or a good search engine optimisation strategy, so that you can find customers who are searching for the exact product or service that you are offering.

You then have to send these prospects to a landing page of an online page where you can capture the information or get them to be part of your system.

Finding a lead like this is very important in the entire strategy because if you have a prospect that are interested in what you have to offer you are almost halfway there.

Now you have a system that you can scale easily.

How do you develop a Marketing Strategy for a small Business

Developing the small business marketing strategy is very much trial and error for the first part of it. There are various things that can work but you have to try them out and you have to test them against each other to see which gives the best results.

It is also very important that in this process you keep track of all the numbers so that you can make comparisons between the different processes.

You therefore start out with a basic strategy, test different options, make changes and test again.

You will soon work out the strategy that works best for your business specifically.

Using SEO as part of a Small Business Marketing Strategy

Using search engine optimisation as part of your small business marketing strategies very important. If you do the SEO very well, your website will rank for specific search terms, which compliments your business.

It is nowadays possible to get so much information from Google and other sources into your SEO software. You can easily track competitors, spy on which keywords and links they are using, and find out what you need to do to beat them

seo in marketing

SEO in Marketing

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is used in marketing of company web pages to help get traffic from free organic, natural, or editorial search results in internet search engines, such as Google.

Seo in Marketing attempts to get your web site or page higher ranked in search results listings to improve your Marketing efforts.


What are the benefits of using SEO in Marketing?

When using Seo as part of your company’s marketing plan to get more customers to visit your web page, you can expect the following benefits:

  • It boosts your company’s credibility. A site that is high on search results rankings is seen as more trust worthy and high quality by Clients.
  • It doesn’t have to cost much, or can be very low budget if using a SEO Company. If you have the time to do Search Engine Optimization yourself as part of your Marketing plan, it could cost you nothing, but then your time is money and hiring a SEO Company is also very cost effective.
  • Using Seo supports your content in general marketing. Your web site content such as photos, videos, informational text, etc. go hand in hand with SEO Marketing, thus benefitting your content access to clients.
  • It gives you a competitive advantage. Your competitors will definitely also be using Seo Marketing strategies, so using it as part of your marketing plan will give you a competitive edge.
  • It can help you reach more potential clients. You can target your specific clients by using Seo in your Marketing plan, by using those keywords that would attract those clients who are looking for your products or services specifically.
  • It helps you rank better in Local searches. 93 to 97 % of people search online these days for their local plumbers, doctors, restaurants, etc. Using a Seo Marketing plan will list your business higher for local searches.
  • Using Seo in Marketing also helps your web site be more usable. If you are going to put the time in to setup a Marketing plan you will make your web site more user-friendly, with higher quality content and make the whole package look appealing to any potential visiting client to your web site.
  • You get justifiable results. With SEO you can for example together with Google Analytics, track a user’s buying history, their web sites and products they buy, pages they visited, and keywords they used to search, and so you with your SEO Marketing strategy you can adjust your keywords and conditions to improve your results over time.
  • Using Seo in Marketing can improve customer interaction rates. If you have a good SEO Marketing plan setup, your site will be optimized which will increase the customer’s browsing experience which will lead to more sales and brand loyalty to your business.

Why is SEO in Marketing important?

You’ve probably often heard that a good SEO Marketing strategy is a vital part of a Digital marketing plan for any business. Even if you have heard of Search Engine Optimization, you might not realize what a complex and multifaceted process it is.

A SEO process is made up of multiple elements and knowing what they are and how they work is vital to understanding why you should incorporate a SEO Marketing strategy into your company’s digital marketing plan. It makes your web site more visible which means more traffic and thus more sales and brand awareness.

The following methods are used in a successful SEO Marketing plan:

  • Keywords are the most common method used to link Search Engine searches to brands and products a potential customer is searching for, and also enables your brand to connect to them.
  • Content is also a vital part of a good SEO Marketing plan as it is the method you use to reach and engage your potential clients. For example if your products are car spares, you can write blogs on car care and repairs, reviews, etc. Your content must be educational, interesting relevant and sharable. You must include Web page content, Videos, Blogs, infographics, podcasts, how-to guides or white papers or manuals, social media posts and local listings where at all possible.
  • Off-page SEO involves external optimization methods that happen off your site such as links from other sites to your web site, guest logging, highly sharable infographics, customer reviews on popular review sites.
  • Local SEO is also becoming very popular as part of a good plan as 60% of people doing online searches are using mobile devices, and more than half of those searches are for local content. You can use local keywords, create directory listings on Google My Business Directories and Google Maps, and creating location specific pages and business pages for your site also called doorway pages.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid marketing strategies. This can include social media paid ads, Google AdWords, native ads, Pay-Per-Click, Shopping ads, and more. You can use this together with SEO in a Marketing plan to reach even more clients.

Should I use a SEO Company or do SEO myself?

In conclusion, you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of doing your own Search Engine Optimization or hiring a SEO Company. This will firstly depend on your marketing budget and what budget you have available.. SEO can take a considerable amount of time for research and implementation, and this is not once-off, it is an on-going process. If you consider doing the SEO your self you will need a good set of SEO Tools. We have amazing Tools available.

If you have budget to hire a good SEO Company as part of your SEO Marketing plan, they are experienced in the latest SEO trends and can often offer you a budget-friendly on-going service keeping your company high on rankings and customer engagement. Please do your Due Diligence before you make your final decisions.

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