How can I get more visitors to my Website?

More Visitors means more Business

Have you asked yourself the question – “How can I get more visitors to my Website?” I have been helping many people over the years to get more visitors to their websites. Every time you increase the amount of visitors to your website, your bottom line profits increase. But it is not just any type of traffic that you want to bring to your site. You have to carefully screen people to ensure you bring the right type of customer into your business.

There are many types of Website Traffic

Although there are many ways of bringing visitors to your website, you have to ask yourself – “How can I get more visitors to my Website that will fit my customer profile?”

This is why it is necessary for you and your team to sit down and come up with a specific strategy to not only get the visitors, but to do it in such a way that you will refine them in the process, ending up with prospects for your specific market, services or products.

Although there are more to it, I want to share with you the three most important aspects of routing traffic to your website.

Three Important Steps in Increasing Website Visitors

Step 1 – Generate Traffic

Step 2 – Capture your Audience

Step 3 – Manage your leads

The amount of business that you will receive is in a big way the result of how capable you or your system is to capture, manage and refine the data that you collect. This is a process that you need to either figure out, or you could contact me for a Free Consultation. I have spend many years in refining this process and have developed software which can assist you in dealing with this issue.

Step 1 – Generate Traffic

Traffic Generation can come from many sources including Search Engines like Google, Bing or others, and it can also come from multiple Social Media sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and so forth.

All platforms offer different methods, scope and quality of traffic.

The traffic that you get from these sources could be further defined by using pixels to target certain individuals who showed interest in your business.

For instance, someone can visit a certain page on your website, they will be marked according to interest and the next time they visit Facebook or Google, you can display the relevant ads in front of them.

There are also a lot to say about paid and free traffic, and there is place for both of them.

Another major source of traffic is from your own website ranking organically on Search Engines like Google. This is done through a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process and certain aspects either on your site and off-site need to be addressed. SEO is a more expensive option in the short term, but can give excellent results in the longer term. Paid ads on the other hand are much more expensive on the short term.

Step 2 – Capturing your Audience

For you to be effective in increasing your bottom line profits, you need not only to increase the amount of traffic that you get, but you also need to capture the leads that are coming in through that system.

In order to capture the leads you need an effective CRM system that integrates with a well designed capture page. It is also very important that you follow up on the leads that you have received by either phone or email.

Landing Pages are very handy online tools and can be a big advantage to your business if it is well designed and are well implemented.

Step 3 – Manage your Leads

The best way to manage your leads is by using and effective CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) like PlainCRM

With a system like this, you can integrate your landing pages so that the entire process is done automatically. Systems like this can also provide you with a way of sending pre written messages to your leads.

How can I get more visitors to my website?

I know that all of the above can be a bit overwhelming if it is the first time that you get involved in the process. Do you find yourself asking how can I get more visitors to my website, then you need to connect with me. If you need assistance I can help you with a free consultation to discuss your business needs and to offer a solution that can benefit you.

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