Search Engine Optimization is the long term solution to getting traffic to your website and Google will reward you generously if you adjust your website according to their rules.

Search Engine Optimization is formatting the structure of your website in such a way which is pleasing to Search Engines like Google, Bing and many more. It is however not a system to try and trick the search engines, but rather to help them understand what your website is about and how should they index it.

How can I improve my Search Engine Optimization?

The best way to improve your website Search Engine Optimization is to structure your website according to the rules that Google has made regarding website structure and content. Many times people would like to trick Google into ranking them higher, but such actions almost always leads to worse rankings and even disqualification of your website. Google can even de-index your website.

Google are basically looking to serving the best, relevant and unique content to their visitors in a way which will most probably answer the question that the website visitor has. In order to do this Google looks at various factors that can influence that.

By providing good quality content in a well structured website which is relevant to the site overall theme, you are most likely to get high rankings and more visitors to your website with an interest in your website.

Search Engine Optimization starts with a Website Audit.

To start your Search Engine Optimization journey on your website, you first have to establish where your website is at the moment.

We provide an amazing search engine optimization audit tool which is free and will give you all the detail that you need to make an informed decision on where to start with your site, what to repair, what to add and what to remove.

A good Search Engine Optimization Audit looks at factors like:

  • Web page Rankings
  • Links
  • Quality of Links
  • Competitor Rankings
  • Competitor Links
  • Site Health
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Google Business Profile
  • Social Analytics
  • Competitor Metrics
  • and more …

Keyword Research in SEO

I like to rather call it Search Term Research because Keywords are actually the Search Terms that people will search for on search engines like Google to find what they are looking for.

This is most probably one of thee most important steps in Search Engine Optimization and should be thoroughly done to get the best results.

Our Search Engine Optimization Tools were developed to make this task as easy as possible but also as effective as possible. There are many ways to get keyword ideas. You can use Google search, keyword generating software, spying on competitors, getting results from your own Google Search Console Data, keyword suggestion from our tools and many more.

This is however and ongoing task and your should refine you keyword research over time, expand it and increase the number of good quality keywords.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Keyword tracking in Search Engine Optimization

Once you have your list of keywords that you want to use, you should start tracking them. This is where our Search Engine Optimization Keyword Tracking Tool comes in very handy.

You have to know where each keyword rank as well as where the images on you website rank. Images are a very important part of Search Engine Optimization but also extremely good for website traffic seeing that many visitors can come to visit your site after seeing one of your images on Google.

The amount of keywords that you track as well as the depth that you are tracking them are all factors that can influence the cost of tracking them.

Keyword tracking in your Search Engine Optimization process also helps you to make strategic decisions about your website structure. Sometimes a certain keyword that ranks fairly good on your site can be used to create an exceptional piece of content that can easily bring hundreds of even thousands of visitors to your website.

Analyze your Website Health

Analyzing your website health can be done with a good Site Health tool like the one that we are providing in the Business Direct Media Search Engine Optimization Toolkit.

A Site Audit Tool normally checks the site for obvious problems as well as deep lying issues that you might not be thinking about like how the website react with the server and what type of server issues comes up.

One of the most common issues found on a site is broken or toxic links. By fixing broken links and removing toxic links, your site is well on it’s way to better rankings and your Search Engine Optimization journey is making progress.

Internal links can also be an issue in Search Engine Optimization and you have to look for broken links.

One of the issues that are checked by s good SEO Audit Tool is to check for a sitemap. You should also check that the sitemap is registered inside your Google Search Console account. If there are any errors on the sitemap, Google will show them to you. It is very important that you keep these updated.

Manage your Backlink profile

Backlinks are a major factor in Search Engine Optimization and you need to ensure that the sites linking to your website are good sites with a good reputation.

You also need to check these links for toxicity. If you have toxic links to your website they can easily have a negative influence on your website.

With our Search Engine Optimization Tools you are able to spy on your competitors. See which keywords they use and rank for. This is also a awesome way of getting good keyword ideas. But you can also see who is linking to them, what those links are worth and whether those links are “dofollow” or “nofollow” links. Once you have this information you can try and replicate some of the more valuable links to your own website.

Analytics – the way to track your Search Engine Optimization Progress.

By using Google’s Analytics you can gather very useful information with regards to the traffic that you receive to your website. Information must also be gathered from your Google Ad Campaigns, Search Control console account and even from your competition’s traffic.

With all this data you can now make better decisions about your website planning and the planning of your Search Engine Optimization Campaign.

Analytics and Search Console offers a mountain of valuable data, and having the tools to analyze this information is also very important. Connecting automatically and automatically importing this data and information is one of the great benefits of our Search Engine Optimization Tools.

When I do Search Engine Optimization for my clients one of the first actions that I take is to register these accounts and ensure that they are linked with my SEO Tools. This way I get a head start above my competition. There are so many powerful tools out there today. You don’t have to guess.

Bringing Social Metrics into play with Search Engine Optimization

Social Media is a valuable part of any website and knowing which content influences your Social Media audience to like, comment and share makes a huge difference in how your website will perform in the Search Engines.

Driving real social growth by means of optimizing your website can go a long way. Ensure that you have the right tools to monitor and track this behaviour.

With our Search Engine Optimization Tools, you can find out which pages on your website are the most engaging pages on the social media platforms. Creating more of this type of content is very important and can make a huge difference.

Know what your Competition are doing

One of the easiest ways of getting ahead with your Search Engine Optimization Project is to know what your competition is doing.

What should you know about your Competition:

  • What are there metrics
  • Which are the keywords that they use
  • Who is linking to them
  • What is the value of their content

There are also a lot more that you can find out about your competition that can help you, but the above list will give you a head start.

Keeping track of your Search Engine Optimization actions.

When doing SEO on a project you can easily get lost in the project and forget what you did to bring you to the results. Keeping a Journal of events is a very good idea and can always remind you of the actions that you took.

The importance of the right SEO Tools.

Having the right tools to work with is just as essential in Search Engine Optimization as in any other project. You definitely don’t want to guess what to do next when you are working on a project.

With the Business Direct Media Search Engine Toolkit we take all the guess work out of the equation and not only tell you what is wrong and need to be fixed, but we actually tell you how to do it.

Our Software is excellent at analyzing loads of information that you are not even aware off. With this actions running in the background you only have to concentrate on the points that the software point out to you.

Reporting is essential and with the Search Engine Optimization projects that we do for clients, we do reports on a very regular basis so that every clients knows exactly what is going on and what are they paying. They can also see the progress on a weekly basis.

Most of our report can be automatically generated and emailed at the correct date. This not only keeps the client informed but it also embed trust in you as a provider. When your client can see you as a professional knowing what you are doing, you will soon find yourself with more Search Engine Optimization work than you can handle.

Keeping track of your Search Engine Optimization Projects.

There is a lot going on in any one SEO project and keeping tabs on everything is essential. So much more if you have several projects at the same time. Our software handle this excellent.

By assigning tasks and monitoring those tasks with team members, it flows seamlessly into the entire project and makes managing these tasks a pleasure.

Do you need help with your Search Engine Optimization?

We have various tools, available for SEO as well as expertise in how to handle your Search Engine Optimization project to get the results that you want. Please contact me at if you would like to know more or if you would like assistance on your project.