Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business

The following top 10 web design tips for small business will help you to design a better strategy for your business website. There are many things that you can do to improve your website but the most important ones are the practical steps that will in the end give you more visitors, more customers and more profits

We live in a time where it is very easy to set up a website. There are people who will set it up for you for next to nothing.

Sadly in the long run this won’t help you much because most websites don’t get enough traffic to be of any significance.

Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business

Create a Strong Brand Message

When you design a website for your small business it is important that you think about how you can promote your brand.

To have a strong brand is important and building one is not easy. Your website is the first thing that people see when they visit you online and if it is not professional they might get the impression that you have a bad business. You should therefore take great care of how you design and develop your website.

Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation is one of the Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business that might seem irrelevant, but has a lot of value. When building a website it is important to make sure that people can easily navigate around your website. If they find it difficult they will simply leave.

Over the years I have found that a simple website is much better than a complicated one. Giving valuable information on your website about the topic that you are promoting is very important. This will attract and keep customers on your website. It is not necessarily the Bells and whistles and the nice images that keeps visitors on your website.

Simple but Professional Design

Oftentimes people built websites with too much graphics and JavaScript. This will make the website slower and people will leave before they have seen anything. There are lots of software that you can use to test your website speed
Although it is important to have a simple website it must still be professional.
Remember that the only thing that people see online about your business is your website. If your website is not professional they will think that your business is not professional either.

Make it easy to understand

It is important to make things on your website easy to understand. If people don’t understand the message that you are trying to convey they will rather leave instead of asking you.
With that said it is also important to give them as little options as possible.
It is important to only give them one or two options where they can go. You have to send them in the direction where you want them to go.

Create valuable content

With all the things that you can do to improve your website the most important is to create valuable unique content.
I see many websites which has no content of very little content.

When Google look at your site they determine whether it is valuable by looking at three things:

The only way for Google to determine this is by analysing your content
If you do not have proper content on your website then it is impossible for them to determine whether your website has any value for the visitors.

Ensure your Site is properly Optimised

One of the biggest problems with website is that when people design their website they just develop it and and never optimise it.

Your website have to be optimised so that your pages can rank on Google and not only rank but rank for the specific keywords that you need them to rank for.

Search engine optimisation is a complicated process and needs to be done by somebody who really understands it. You also need special software that is able to analyse your website from different viewpoints. The software needs to be connected to Google Analytics and Google search console as well as your Google business profile. If you use Google ads your software should be connected to the Google ads account as well.

Ensure your customers find what they are looking for

The longer customers can stay in your website the more valuable your website will be and the more traffic you will get from Google
Make sure that you have content on your website that your customers are looking for give answers to their problems and Solutions what they are searching for.

Appoint the best web designer that you can afford

Many times people try to do the cheapest options on website design but that is a big mistake.
Always make sure you buy the best Talent that you can afford.
In two years time you are going to forget what you paid them and you will still remember that you’ve got a valuable website with a professional design
Don’t be cheap on selecting your website designer

Implement a good SEO strategy

If you have a website but no traffic to visit you have nothing.
It is very important that you design your website in line with your search engine optimisation strategy.
A SEO strategy starts with identifying key words or search terms which has the least competition but the most traffic
A good SEO agency they should be able to do that for you.
They should also be able to analyze your competitive keywords and the links to your competitors websites.
You should also have a consistent SEO plan which means that you all your SEO agency must spend a specific amount of time every week working on your SEO.
One of the things that I have seen is that people work on their SEO and then get distracted and leave it for 5 or 6 months.
A good SEO strategy will include the creation of content and the building of backlinks as well as the technical on site optimization which checks for errors on your website.

Host your website on a reliable server

When choosing a website server do not go for the cheapest option.
Most of the time it is better to get a hosting server service from a small company which you can have access to personally. I am proud to say that any of my customers can pick up the phone and call me personally to attend to their website.
You should also ensure that the resources on the server is enough.

Why this Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business will benefit you.

if you apply this Top 10 Web Design Tips for Small Business you will have a head start over your competition.