Why you need SEO for your business

Have you ever thought about why you need SEO for your business? Search Engine Optimization is a process, or combination of various processes, whereby web developers, and web site administrators, or SEO specialists, use keywords and various other methods to allow Search Engines, such as Google, to have their search results of those searches listed higher on their results pages.


You need SEO for your business because it helps you find more customers online by increasing the ranking of your webpages on Search Engines.

When your website is optimized it allows those web pages to be seen more frequently, or at the top of search results pages by people searching for certain topics, content, or Businesses online.

The Benefits of why you need SEO for your business

Every Business Owner, especially small business owners should carefully consider the following benefits when analyzing your Business Marketing Strategy. When doing Search Engine Optimization on your site, do you not only create better content and value to your customers, but you also have the following benefits of why you need SEO for your business:

There are Cost Benefits for your Business

A Business can save large sums of money when using a well-implemented SEO plan as opposed to higher costing advertising and Marketing strategies. This is a long term strategy and need to be planned well.

If your Business is able to hire staff that can implement and support an ongoing SEO plan, you can reach many potential customers at a fraction of the cost of running expensive Ad campaigns. If your Business is not able to hire, you can use the services of a reputable SEO Company. They will ensure for a competitive cost that you have a good SEO plan implemented, and give you ongoing update and support on that SEO plan for as long as you are paying for and using their service. Although they cost more than doing it yourself, you not only save on the time that is used for the implementation of the Strategy, but you also cash in on their expertise. Remember that the reason why you need SEO for your business is to grow your business, and these costs are a good investment.

Achieve higher Rankings on the Search Engines

It is said that more than 90 % of all Internet business comes from the first page of Google. A good reson why you need SEO for your business is that you will rank on those pages. Most often small business only rank on page 3 or 4 for most of their keywords. It is also important to remember that you not only need to rank for a few keywords, but you need to rank for many keywords if you want it to have an impact on your business.

Higher rankings in the Search Engines can boost your business more than you think. High volumes of website traffic to your website can improve your business turnover significantly.

Search Engines has better conversion rates.

The first thing in a good Business Marketing Strategy is to have a Lead Acquisition Process. This process is a strategy to help you acquire good quality leads. I remember 20 years ago, how we heavily used to advertise in news papers and pamphlets. If you compare it to today’s technology it is almost laughable, but it worked. Now it works better.

Now you have various technological solutions for advertising and some gives better results than other. Advertising by targeting specific keywords which helps you identify the intent of the user, is by far the best. You can achieve this by doing SEO on specific keywords in your business. This is why you need SEO for your business. It helps you with conversion rates in your lead acquisition process.

It gives you the edge over your competitors.

Competition on the Internet and in Marketing in general are getting more and more difficult and competitive on a daily basis. There are more and more people competing for the same market and the same customers. What will give you the edge in this market.

When doing Search Engine Optimization for your business, you are improving your changes of getting the bulk of that business. Many small businesses are completely clueless when it comes to optimizing their websites. I see that everyday when I consult with small businesses. If you would like to know where your business is in this regard, you can request a free SEO Audit which will help you understand the process a little better. This is also why you need SEO for your business.

SEO improves Customer Trust and Awareness

If there is one thing on the Internet that you really need it is to have trust from your online community and prospective customers. Building Trust and Awareness online is one of the reasons why you need SEO for your business. If you have a good SEO Strategy for your business, you will automatically improve the Trust and Awareness of your business.

SEO build Trust and Awareness

Trust and Awareness in your business is not only important to your business, but it it also important to Google and other Search Engines. We are moving in a direction where valuable content are more and more important to search engines, and with Artificial Intelligence they can detect whether you are offering trustworthy content to your online visitors. This is why you need SEO for your Business and need it to be done in the correct way.