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why you need seo for your business

Why you need SEO for your business

Have you ever thought about why you need SEO for your business? Search Engine Optimization is a process, or combination of various processes, whereby web developers, and web site administrators, or SEO specialists, use keywords and various other methods to allow Search Engines, such as Google, to have their search results of those searches listed higher on their results pages.


You need SEO for your business because it helps you find more customers online by increasing the ranking of your webpages on Search Engines.

When your website is optimized it allows those web pages to be seen more frequently, or at the top of search results pages by people searching for certain topics, content, or Businesses online.

The Benefits of why you need SEO for your business

Every Business Owner, especially small business owners should carefully consider the following benefits when analyzing your Business Marketing Strategy. When doing Search Engine Optimization on your site, do you not only create better content and value to your customers, but you also have the following benefits of why you need SEO for your business:

There are Cost Benefits for your Business

A Business can save large sums of money when using a well-implemented SEO plan as opposed to higher costing advertising and Marketing strategies. This is a long term strategy and need to be planned well.

If your Business is able to hire staff that can implement and support an ongoing SEO plan, you can reach many potential customers at a fraction of the cost of running expensive Ad campaigns. If your Business is not able to hire, you can use the services of a reputable SEO Company. They will ensure for a competitive cost that you have a good SEO plan implemented, and give you ongoing update and support on that SEO plan for as long as you are paying for and using their service. Although they cost more than doing it yourself, you not only save on the time that is used for the implementation of the Strategy, but you also cash in on their expertise. Remember that the reason why you need SEO for your business is to grow your business, and these costs are a good investment.

Achieve higher Rankings on the Search Engines

It is said that more than 90 % of all Internet business comes from the first page of Google. A good reson why you need SEO for your business is that you will rank on those pages. Most often small business only rank on page 3 or 4 for most of their keywords. It is also important to remember that you not only need to rank for a few keywords, but you need to rank for many keywords if you want it to have an impact on your business.

Higher rankings in the Search Engines can boost your business more than you think. High volumes of website traffic to your website can improve your business turnover significantly.

Search Engines has better conversion rates.

The first thing in a good Business Marketing Strategy is to have a Lead Acquisition Process. This process is a strategy to help you acquire good quality leads. I remember 20 years ago, how we heavily used to advertise in news papers and pamphlets. If you compare it to today’s technology it is almost laughable, but it worked. Now it works better.

Now you have various technological solutions for advertising and some gives better results than other. Advertising by targeting specific keywords which helps you identify the intent of the user, is by far the best. You can achieve this by doing SEO on specific keywords in your business. This is why you need SEO for your business. It helps you with conversion rates in your lead acquisition process.

It gives you the edge over your competitors.

Competition on the Internet and in Marketing in general are getting more and more difficult and competitive on a daily basis. There are more and more people competing for the same market and the same customers. What will give you the edge in this market.

When doing Search Engine Optimization for your business, you are improving your changes of getting the bulk of that business. Many small businesses are completely clueless when it comes to optimizing their websites. I see that everyday when I consult with small businesses. If you would like to know where your business is in this regard, you can request a free SEO Audit which will help you understand the process a little better. This is also why you need SEO for your business.

SEO improves Customer Trust and Awareness

If there is one thing on the Internet that you really need it is to have trust from your online community and prospective customers. Building Trust and Awareness online is one of the reasons why you need SEO for your business. If you have a good SEO Strategy for your business, you will automatically improve the Trust and Awareness of your business.

SEO build Trust and Awareness

Trust and Awareness in your business is not only important to your business, but it it also important to Google and other Search Engines. We are moving in a direction where valuable content are more and more important to search engines, and with Artificial Intelligence they can detect whether you are offering trustworthy content to your online visitors. This is why you need SEO for your Business and need it to be done in the correct way.

Why is seo important

Why is SEO Important

Over the past couple of years websites have become more popular and easier to build. This led to the creation of billions of websites. And although they are easy to build, your website are absolutely worth nothing if you don’t have traffic to your website. It is therefore more important that you would ask yourself why is SEO Important?

why is seo important

Many people don’t understand this and they think if they do have a website they will get business from it. Just having a website with no traffic means you have no visibility on the internet. It is like creating a beautiful sign board and place it in your basement.

So what is the solution and how can you change this so that people will see your website?

There are many ways to create traffic and it includes paid and free options. The problem is that free options are not always free because it takes up your time and your time is money. If you spend too much time on it they will definitely cost you more than the paid options.

On the first page of Google there are paid options or Google ads and then there are free listings which are organic listings. The Organic listings are the indexed pages of your website. When Google indexes your page, they look at different factors and these factors can be improved if you do search engine optimization.

So in short, search engine optimization is used for the improvement of your website pages to ensure that they feature on Google and other Search Engines.

The position that your website will feature is also influenced by many factors and the only way to push this up to the top is by doing good SEO.

What is SEO and why is it important?

Search engine optimization is the improvement of your website rank-ability in Google.

If you do not have good search engine optimization your pages will not feature and you won’t get traffic.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for any small business to ensure that their search engine optimization is properly done if they want to feature in the business world.

This is what is great about the technology nowadays. Even if you are a small business and you can get a lot of exposure in the online world.

What is the benefit of SEO?

If you ask yourself, Why is SEO Important, then you should have a look at the benefits of SEO. There are many benefits to SEO but the one that stands out is that you will get more traffic more business and more profits and in the end that is what counts for small businesses.

You just have to ask yourself am I willing to invest in search engine optimization?

If you are willing to invest in search engine optimization and therefore investing in your own business it will bring benefits that will stay with your business for many years.

Good search engine optimization is like having a permanent 24/7 marketing agent that never sleeps never go on leave, never become sick but constantly announce your products and your services to the world.

Why is SEO important (in simple words)

In Simple Words SEO is making your website better so that more people can see it more people can visit it and you can make more profits.

If you have been in business for any time you will know that good advertising and good marketing is what brings in your customers and that brings in the profits.

Why is SEO important in 2022

There’s never been a more important time to do search engine optimisation in your business. Because technology has made it so simple and easy there are billions of people who are online and you have to beat them.

With proper research and tools it is very easy to do and anybody can do it. If you however have an agency like Business Direct Media that does it for you you can cash in on their experience and knowledge and take your site even further

2022 is most certainly one of the most exciting times in the technology field and also in search engine optimization and a good time to ask yourself why is seo important.

14 Reasons – Why is SEO Important

Here are my personal 14 best reasons why you should invest in search engine optimization and get your site to rank.

1 – Why is SEO Important? – It makes your website more visible

SEO definitely makes your site more visible. One of the major mistakes that small businesses makes is that they think if they rank on one page which is usually their business name that they are ranking well on Google as a whole.

There are thousands of keywords that you can use to rank on for your specific business. Keyword research or search term research is one of the most important aspects if you do search engine optimization.

If you have thousands of pages that ranks on Google you are not only visible in one place but you are actually visible almost everywhere where your customers are looking for answers to the products and services that you have.

2 – Why is SEO Important? – It gives you more Traffic

In the technological world of today it is very important that you have lots of traffic to your website if you want to stand out from the crowd. There are various ways to get traffic but the one most certain way to ensure that you get lots of traffic and you get it on a long-term basis is to do proper SEO for your website.

If you do search engine optimization well then your keywords will stick around on the first pages of Google for a very long time and competition can’t just take it out. This will produce lots of traffic for your website which will ultimately benefit you and your business.

3 – Why is SEO Important? – It makes you competitive

Once you have done search engine optimization properly on your website you will be much more competitive in your own business world in your own niche and in your own industry. It is one of the certain ways to make you stand out from the crowd and stand out above your competition.

When you have thousands of pages ranking all over Google then it is not easy for your competition to catch up. It takes a long time to do proper search engine optimization but once you have done it it is a competitive advantage.

4 – Why is SEO Important? – It gives you credibility

When people see you ranking at the top of Google’s pages all the time it definitely gives you credibility. Whether it is your customers, or your prospective customers, they will see you as the leader in your field.

In some respect that is what search engine optimisation is all about. You want to display to Google and the world that you are the expert the authority and that you are trustworthy. These three components are essential if you want to make it in the online business.

Credibility online is more important that you might think. In the past people would just do business with you without checking you out but nowadays because of everything that is going on online and because it is so easy people will first go and check out your profiles and your services online before they do business with you. The easiest way to show credibility is to show it online through the correct use of search engine optimization

5 – Why is SEO Important? – It builds your Brand

Search engine optimization definitely build your business brand. If people see you all over the place they recognize your brand it shows that your business is serious and it gives them confidence in your business.

Building your brand has never been easier and with that said I still see many many small businesses that never grow past that because they do not invest in search engine optimization.

Large companies spend millions of Dollars every year to promote their business brands and to grow their business plans. If it is so important to them don’t you think it matters to your small business? Indeed it does.

6 – Why is SEO Important? – It creates more Profits

Great SEO definitely leads to more profits in your business. There is a huge return on investment for search engine optimization if it is done properly, if it is managed well and if it is monitored.

Because of technology it is quite easy to monitor your results with search engine optimization. Google’s platforms like Analytics and Google search console gives you a wide variety of data about your website about people visiting it where they come from and what they searched for.

These are free tools from Google and should be used by every business owner. If you do not make use of these tools with your website then you should definitely think about it.

7 – Why is SEO Important? – It creates Organic Search which is the Primary Search Method

When you search on Google you will find that at the top there will be free Google ads at the bottom there might be three Google ads and in-between is 10 organic search results. Many people use the Organic search results as their only option because they know that the results are that are in there are properly ranked by Google.

The Organic search results gives more credibility to your business and then the ads itself.

The only way to get your website to rank organically is to have a good search engine optimization strategy. It should be part of every small business marketing strategy. I sometimes come across small business owners who thinks that it is not important at all. The problem is that the competition are walking away with all their business.

8 – Why is SEO Important? – You better Understand the voice of the Consumer

Nowadays more than ever the voice of the consumer is very important. Consumers have more choices and it is easier for them to go to your competition.

When they search on Google they actually tell you what they are looking for. If you listen to this voice of the consumer and to optimize your site for that specific questions that they have you will definitely get their business. SEO is therefore not only a way to rank your website but it is also way to interact and to listen to your consumers.

It is a very easy way to give them answers to the most relevant questions that you have in your business or in your industry. When you answer the questions they will see you as the expert they will see you as the authority and they will trust you.

9 – Why is SEO Important? – It creates Better User Experience

An optimized site is also very good for user experience. User experience has become critical in technology nowadays. There are so many businesses online that if they do not have a good experience with your business they simply go elsewhere.

One of the ways that you can provide a better user experience is to do good SEO which will help your customers find more answers to more questions.

If they type a certain question into Google and your company is the one that answers it it will build trust with them but it will also ensure that they have a good experience.

10 – Why is SEO Important? – It Increases Engagement

The more content you have ranking on Google the more you your customers will engage with you. Every time they have a question, and you have the answer, it is another engagement that comes to your business instead of your competition.

There are ways to figure out what these questions are and then you have to offer solutions to those questions in the form of articles answers and opinions. If your website rank for these on the first page of Google it gives an impressive display of your business.

If consumers find you easily on Google and you answer the questions then they will engage with you more often.

11 – Why is SEO Important? – SEO is a long Term Solution

It is important to know that SEO is not a short-term solution, it is a long-term solution that will serve your company for many years to come.

It however also takes a long time to build it up. It is therefore important to make sure that you build it up the right way. SEO agency like Business Direct Media can give you very specific advice on how to do this. Make sure your strategy is well planned out and executed in a consistent manner.

12 – Why is SEO Important? – Search Engine Optimization can be measured

Anytime that you advertise on the internet whether it is through Google or somebody else you want to make sure that you can measure the results. Why is SEO Important enough to measure your results? If you cannot measure the results then you are wasting your money.

With the help of the Google tools it is easy to manage and measure your search engine optimisation. The business Direct Media SEO tool also has reports and various ways of measuring the results.

Once you have this data you can calculate the return on your ad spend and be sure that you have a good investment.

13 – Why is SEO Important? – The first page wins the click

It is said that more than 90% of all business comes from the first page of Google. If you are not part of that it means that you are sharing the rest of the 10% with all other businesses. For the thousands of web pages that is available for every search query on Google there are only 10 websites that is on the first page and you should ask yourself the question “am I one of them?”.

If you do proper search engine optimization you will definitely be on the first page of Google and you will win that first click. The first click is the most important one because it builds trust and put your business in a good light.

14 – Why is SEO Important? – SEO will always be with us

SEO is not going away anytime soon. Even with the implementation of artificial intelligence there will also be room for search engine optimization as this is the way that Google determines which sites goes on top.

Software are becoming more and more complicated and it includes the use of artificial intelligence in making search engine optimization decisions.

If you do not have access to good search SEO software then you are losing the race. This is why we at Business Direct Media offers you the opportunity to use our software even if you are a small business.

If you have questions about this please contact us and we will gladly help you.

SEO Solutions

How can I increase SEO Traffic?

So now you have decided that you must do SEO and answered the question “why is seo important“, where do you start?

The first thing that you need to do is to do a free search engine optimisation audit. This will tell you where exactly your website has issues and what needs to be fixed first.

You then need to do a keyword research which will tell you exactly which keywords to use and to optimize.

Once you have the key words you have to create a landing page for for each other key words which are optimized. You can also measure this after migration with a business Direct Media SEO tools.

What is a good SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy is always consistency. If you are consistent with your SEO strategy and you work on your website on a weekly basis to make it better with SEO then you will win.

There is no easy or fast way out for search engine optimization. You should however be aware because there are many people online that will tell you that they are fast and easy ways to do this and and they will not only take your money but they will also damage your website.

It is therefore essential that you work with a good SEO company that you can trust.

How effective is SEO

SEO is very effective if it is done in the proper way. It is through good SEO that many bloggers have built websites that are worth thousands of Dollars. If you ask yourself, why is SEO important, it is also because it is effective, very effective.

In fact it is impossible to go anywhere with your website if you do not do proper SEO.

How do I create SEO for my website

First of all you will have to either learn how to do search engine optimization or you will have to get a SEO agency like Business Direct Media that can do it for you.

What is the first step in SEO

Depending on how much you know about SEO it is most probably the best idea to, as your first step, talk to a SEO agency or a SEO professional that can guide you through the process. We have many articles on this website that will can show you how to do it, what to do, and where to go.

Can I do SEO on my own

Yes for sure you can do your own SEO. SEO is very time-consuming and if you want to spend your time doing SEO instead of working on your business, you can do it.

It takes a lot of time and it takes very sophisticated tools so if you do not have either of those then it is impossible to do it yourself.

How do I find Keywords for my SEO campaign

Finding keywords is usually done through a keyword research or search term research.

With a keyword research you would like to find the best search terms that associate with your business but you would also like to find the search terms that will be the easiest to rank. Although the keyword must be easy to rank it must still have a high percentage of people that visit it.

Finding the balance between the traffic that it gets and the least competitiveness can be a great challenge and requires good software

Who can I outsource my SEO to?

At Business Direct Media we have different options for search engine optimization which includes DIY packages with our software or we can do the search engine optimization for you. If you want to know Why is SEO Important, contact us and talk to one of our staff members

For more information contact Christo at +27 (0)81 2700 884 or email me at

companies who use seo

Companies Who Use SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.  Companies who use SEO are companies who have web sites and online content and use SEO to get their site ranked higher on internet search engines, such as Google, and this allows more potential customers to view their web site

Companies who use seo

When should a Company decide to use SEO

As over 80% of people looking for a service or product, searches online, and this is getting higher as more and more people and companies are going online, it is the best time for your company to plan for a SEO strategy as soon as possible.  Many companies are reaping the advantages over their competition who don’t have any SEO plan in place, as they are accessing way more of the internet traffic, and thus more potential clients.

The longer you wait to implement a good SEO plan, the longer you will miss out on those many potential customers that your competition is benefiting from.  Putting your SEO strategy into plan as soon as you can, will bring you the advantages of internet reach sooner, and you will soon be seeing the edge you will start gaining over your competitors.

Where do you start with SEO

You have to decide if you have your own resources able to setup, and maintain a good SEO plan for now and the future, or else budget to pay a SEO Company for those services on an ongoing basis.  Many companies have internal resources with good knowledge of SEO and the internet or they pay a reputable SEO Company to provide them with the best SEO service for their money.

Benefits of companies who use SEO

There are many benefits for any companies who use SEO as it does not only offer an effective solution to gaining more customers, but also involves on-going optimization to improve customer access and trust to their web site and thus content.

9 Benefits for Companies who use SEO

1 – It boosts a company’s trust

Companies who use SEo rank higher on online searches, and have updated content and thus is seen more by clients searching for their services online, and this creates better credibility and trust between the potential client and the company.

2 – It can be extremely budget friendly

Companies can save a lot of money on digital marketing costs, especially if they have staff that can do Search Engine Optimization themselves, as opposed to using the services of an external SEO Company.

3 – It supports better content marketing

Companies who use SEO are required to keep their content, such as web site text, photos, media, and documentation up-to-date, and this goes hand in hand with better search engine optimization as keywords used in the content can be part of the whole SEO Optimization process.

4 – It benefits PPC campaigns

Companies who use SEO can boost credibility by using Pay Per Click campaigns and SEO to get both search and PPC rankings at the top of search results pages.

5 – It gives you a competitive edge

Companies who use SEO can have the competitive edge, as their competitors will most likely use either a paid SEO strategy, or a very comprehensive SEO plan, so you should as well to remain competitive.

6 – It can help you reach more potential clients

Companies who use SEO can create a list of keywords relevant to their target customer base, then use research tools to research those keywords, and also check their competitor’s keywords and backlinks to establish better SEO optimisation and use of keywords to reach more clients that may possibly require your services or products.

7 – It helps you rank higher in local searches

As over 80% of potential clients search for local businesses online these days, Companies who use SEO can target local customers, by firstly creating something like a Google My Business Account, requesting reviews from existing clients, using local specific keywords, and making sure your local contact details are always up-to-date.

8 – It makes your web site more user friendly

Companies who use SEO not only keep their web site optimised for search engine ranking, but also regularly keep their site updated, by updating content, visibility, user interface, and just make the whole user experience to their web sites much more enjoyable.

9 – It improves client interaction rates

Companies who use SEO have more optimised web sites.  If you have quality updated content, and are always visible online in searches and social media and review sites, you will bring quality traffic.  SEO also ensures site content is matched to what people search and all this ensures a better browsing expeirence.

What are the costs for Companies who use SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can be very cost effective to any companies who use SEO, as if you have internal staff who have the skills to setup a good SEO strategy, one with ongoing optimisation, you will reap the financial benefits, not only immediately, but for as long as the SEO strategy is being maintained.

 Companies can also opt for using a SEO Company, who provide the service of Search Engine Optimisation with an ongoing support plan, and this although costing more than using your internal staff or own time, is way more cost effective, and also extremely beneficial compared to other forms of digital and media marketing.  Due to the fact that over 80% of people now-a-days search online for businesses and services, Companies who use SEO have the greatest benefit of getting more customers through SEO than other marketing methods.

What are the disadvantages of Companies who use SEO

Although there are more advantages, there are infact a few disadvantages for Companies who use SEO, but the advantages outweigh them:

. It takes time

If you do the SEO and its ongoing maintenance yourself, it will take a lot of time and ongoing time.  This can initially seem counter-productive, but over time this will pay itself off in bringing you more clients, if you put the correct effort and strategy into your SEO.

The internet is your competition

When you expose your company on the internet, and especially when you have a SEO plan setup, you are more visible to not only your clients, and potential clients, but also of course your opposition. They will pick up on your strategies, plans, content, and more, and will use that to improve their SEO and content.

. It can cause penalties if done wrong

You have to know what you’re doing when doing SEO optimisation, as being in the online public space has many social and legal consequences.

. It can be non-profitable in the beginning

Companies who use SEO often don’t see the benefit of SEO in the beginning, as it’s very time consuming to setup a good SEO plan, and the results often start only coming through later as potential clients gain trust what they see online.

. It is always ongoing

Search Engine Optimisation cannot be optimised occasionally, as the internet and it’s content is always changing, and so many other companies with similar content are appearing and changing, Companies who use SEO have to do regular optimisation and research work as part of there SEO plan to remain at the top of their game.

Are their any legal implications for Companies who use SEO

As many companies use the internet as one of their main resources for business, we find that even lawyer companies often use SEO to assist them research cases and access content from various online sources.  Companies who use SEO needs to understand that if they are online they are in the public space, and what they say or expose in the public domain needs to adhere to any conventional legal best practice rules, such as respecting people’s religious, political, ethnic and privicy rules.  SEO itself doesn’t have any legal implecations but relies on your web site content and those keywords and other tools used in SEO to list your site and it’s related content highest in Search Engine rankings.

In short, Companies who use SEo need to just be sensitive to what content they show on their web sites, and also keep updated legal documents and policies visible to potential clients especially if your company provides a service or products with warranties to your customers.  This is not limited only to Companies who use SEO, but any company providing a service or a product to customers online.


In todays digital world, Companies who use SEO have a definite advantage over those who rely on other forms of marketing or have no digital marketing plan in place at all.  

The benefits for Companies who use SEO way outweigh the disadvantages, and as even more and more people use the internet and online shopping as their vertual internet mall, the more beneficial it will become for all companies who want to optimise their marketing strategy, to access as many potential clients possible, to use SEO to reach their most potential.

small business marketing strategy

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Many people are looking for a small business marketing strategy that actually works. In today’s world with all the technology and all the information that is going around it is quite difficult to get business for your small business.

Technology and information overload has caused many people to simply clowns over marketing information. A few years ago it was quite easy to get your marketing message out there but nowadays it has become harder.

Don’t you think that with all the information technology and with the ease of posting something on social media it should be easier but it is not.

The billions of websites out there simply overwhelms people.

For your business to be effective you need to create a small business marketing strategy that is very directed to the exact person that you are looking for.

The small business marketing strategy can also include various ways of doing it like for instance direct marketing, social media, videos, search engine optimisation and many more.

Small Business Marketing Strategy

What is a Small Business Marketing Strategy

Small business marketing strategy is a roadmap to guide you along the way to get more customers for your business.

The cost of getting these customers are also important, and therefore you need to test out different types of marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is to delegate the task of creating a marketing strategy. As a business owner you need to be hands-on with the creation of your business marketing strategy. There are certain tasks that you can delegate but not the strategy itself.

It is therefore very important to know how to implement technology in this road map.

Ways to promote a Small Business

There are many ways to promote a small business but in this article I want to look at the digital marketing and digital marketing options.

In any good marketing plan there are normally three things that you need to do
1 – Lead acquisition
2 – Closing the sale
3 – Customer Follow Up

Although they are technology solutions to all of these, the one aspect where technology can maybe play the biggest role is in lead acquisition.

Google has might lead to the acquisition very simple especially with the use of Google ads.

If you connect these ads with a good funneling system or a good landing page it is rather easy to get an abundance of leads.

What makes a good Marketing Strategy

A good small marketing business strategy is one where most of the tasks are automated. If you do it this way it is like setting up a 24-hour sales person that won’t stay away from the job, get sick will take the day off.

Creating funnels can help you to refine this prospects. It can also help directing them in a certain Direction where you can lead them through the process.

This means that a lot of your marketing efforts are done through the process and does not require human intervention.

This is partly possible because the prospect that you have was looking for the specific item or service that you are offering. This is the beauty of the search ads and keywords related terms.

This is also exactly why search engine optimisation should form a big part of your small business marketing plan.

If you can get your website to rank for the exact terms that people are searching to find your business online, you will have a 24-hour salesman that cost you nothing.

Automation is there for the best things that you can do for your small business marketing strategy.

How do you attract Customers to your Small Business

Attracting customers to the small business is now much easier than ever before. If you set your strategy up correctly you can draw customers to your business without much effort.

It all starts with a good advertising campaign or a good search engine optimisation strategy, so that you can find customers who are searching for the exact product or service that you are offering.

You then have to send these prospects to a landing page of an online page where you can capture the information or get them to be part of your system.

Finding a lead like this is very important in the entire strategy because if you have a prospect that are interested in what you have to offer you are almost halfway there.

Now you have a system that you can scale easily.

How do you develop a Marketing Strategy for a small Business

Developing the small business marketing strategy is very much trial and error for the first part of it. There are various things that can work but you have to try them out and you have to test them against each other to see which gives the best results.

It is also very important that in this process you keep track of all the numbers so that you can make comparisons between the different processes.

You therefore start out with a basic strategy, test different options, make changes and test again.

You will soon work out the strategy that works best for your business specifically.

Using SEO as part of a Small Business Marketing Strategy

Using search engine optimisation as part of your small business marketing strategies very important. If you do the SEO very well, your website will rank for specific search terms, which compliments your business.

It is nowadays possible to get so much information from Google and other sources into your SEO software. You can easily track competitors, spy on which keywords and links they are using, and find out what you need to do to beat them

seo in marketing

SEO in Marketing

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is used in marketing of company web pages to help get traffic from free organic, natural, or editorial search results in internet search engines, such as Google.

Seo in Marketing attempts to get your web site or page higher ranked in search results listings to improve your Marketing efforts.


What are the benefits of using SEO in Marketing?

When using Seo as part of your company’s marketing plan to get more customers to visit your web page, you can expect the following benefits:

  • It boosts your company’s credibility. A site that is high on search results rankings is seen as more trust worthy and high quality by Clients.
  • It doesn’t have to cost much, or can be very low budget if using a SEO Company. If you have the time to do Search Engine Optimization yourself as part of your Marketing plan, it could cost you nothing, but then your time is money and hiring a SEO Company is also very cost effective.
  • Using Seo supports your content in general marketing. Your web site content such as photos, videos, informational text, etc. go hand in hand with SEO Marketing, thus benefitting your content access to clients.
  • It gives you a competitive advantage. Your competitors will definitely also be using Seo Marketing strategies, so using it as part of your marketing plan will give you a competitive edge.
  • It can help you reach more potential clients. You can target your specific clients by using Seo in your Marketing plan, by using those keywords that would attract those clients who are looking for your products or services specifically.
  • It helps you rank better in Local searches. 93 to 97 % of people search online these days for their local plumbers, doctors, restaurants, etc. Using a Seo Marketing plan will list your business higher for local searches.
  • Using Seo in Marketing also helps your web site be more usable. If you are going to put the time in to setup a Marketing plan you will make your web site more user-friendly, with higher quality content and make the whole package look appealing to any potential visiting client to your web site.
  • You get justifiable results. With SEO you can for example together with Google Analytics, track a user’s buying history, their web sites and products they buy, pages they visited, and keywords they used to search, and so you with your SEO Marketing strategy you can adjust your keywords and conditions to improve your results over time.
  • Using Seo in Marketing can improve customer interaction rates. If you have a good SEO Marketing plan setup, your site will be optimized which will increase the customer’s browsing experience which will lead to more sales and brand loyalty to your business.

Why is SEO in Marketing important?

You’ve probably often heard that a good SEO Marketing strategy is a vital part of a Digital marketing plan for any business. Even if you have heard of Search Engine Optimization, you might not realize what a complex and multifaceted process it is.

A SEO process is made up of multiple elements and knowing what they are and how they work is vital to understanding why you should incorporate a SEO Marketing strategy into your company’s digital marketing plan. It makes your web site more visible which means more traffic and thus more sales and brand awareness.

The following methods are used in a successful SEO Marketing plan:

  • Keywords are the most common method used to link Search Engine searches to brands and products a potential customer is searching for, and also enables your brand to connect to them.
  • Content is also a vital part of a good SEO Marketing plan as it is the method you use to reach and engage your potential clients. For example if your products are car spares, you can write blogs on car care and repairs, reviews, etc. Your content must be educational, interesting relevant and sharable. You must include Web page content, Videos, Blogs, infographics, podcasts, how-to guides or white papers or manuals, social media posts and local listings where at all possible.
  • Off-page SEO involves external optimization methods that happen off your site such as links from other sites to your web site, guest logging, highly sharable infographics, customer reviews on popular review sites.
  • Local SEO is also becoming very popular as part of a good plan as 60% of people doing online searches are using mobile devices, and more than half of those searches are for local content. You can use local keywords, create directory listings on Google My Business Directories and Google Maps, and creating location specific pages and business pages for your site also called doorway pages.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paid marketing strategies. This can include social media paid ads, Google AdWords, native ads, Pay-Per-Click, Shopping ads, and more. You can use this together with SEO in a Marketing plan to reach even more clients.

Should I use a SEO Company or do SEO myself?

In conclusion, you will need to weigh up the pros and cons of doing your own Search Engine Optimization or hiring a SEO Company. This will firstly depend on your marketing budget and what budget you have available.. SEO can take a considerable amount of time for research and implementation, and this is not once-off, it is an on-going process. If you consider doing the SEO your self you will need a good set of SEO Tools. We have amazing Tools available.

If you have budget to hire a good SEO Company as part of your SEO Marketing plan, they are experienced in the latest SEO trends and can often offer you a budget-friendly on-going service keeping your company high on rankings and customer engagement. Please do your Due Diligence before you make your final decisions.

For more Information how we can help you achieve your SEO Goals, contact Christo on +27 (0) 81 2700 884 or email

seo agency services

SEO Agency Services

Choosing a good SEO Agency is very important because it is not that easy to monitor results. Your SEO Agency Services should include quality reporting and feedback to ensure that you can keep tabs on what is happening.

Finding the best SEO Agency Services

When looking for SEO Agency Services it is very important to make sure that you understand what SEO is all about. There are many so-called SEO Specialists out there that will take you for a ride just because you do not understand the process and what needs to happen in order to create a successful Search Engine Optimization Project.

To understand what your process is about, you first have to know why it is important to create a SEO Campaign. The main driving force behind all traffic on the internet is without a doubt Google. It is therefore important to know what they expect from a website in order to rank it high on their search engine.

What does Google want from your SEO Project

Google are mainly interested in serving their their visitors high quality content which is unique and helpful to their visitors.

Google is looking for content which is

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthy

If you can give Google that information your battle is halfway won. The rest is how you generate your page for google to read. When Google indexes your pages on your website, they look for specific information in order to rank your content higher. This is not so easy and we use sophisticated software which takes a lot of information into account. You can access these tools through the Business Direct Media SEO Toolkit.

What to look out for in SEO Agency Services

There are two main ways of Optimizing your website and they are called White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The problem is that it is very difficult to distinguish between the two.

For instance: one of the factors that are required to rank your page higher is to create links which points back to your website. Google has specific rules about link building and how it can influence your website and rankings. If they find that you try and manipulate the links (they are very good at this) it will not only influence your website rankings negatively but can disqualify your site completely.

Working with a reputable SEO Agency will help you to make the right decisions and will save you a lot of money in the long term.

seo agency services
Business Direct Media SEO Agency

What are the SEO Agency Services that makes a difference in your rankings?

Step 1 – Create a thorough Website Audit

Step 2 – Connect to Google Services including Analytics and Search Console

Step 3 – Do a comprehensive Keyword (Search Term) Analysis

Step 4 – Identify Major Keywords

Step 5 – Do Landing Page SEO for each keyword

Step 6 – Research Competition rankings, keywords and links

Step 7 – Create strong unique and authority content

Step 8 – Do On Page SEO for each of the content pieces (Technical Analysis)

Step 9 – Do Traffic Analysis

Step 10 – Do Social Analysis

Step 11 – Do Link Analysis and create a link building strategy

Step 12 – Create Valuable in-depth reporting on a regular basis

SEO Agency Services in South Africa

There are many SEO Agencies in South Africa that does awesome optimization in a trustworthy way. Business Direct Media in the Western Cape is one of these companies. We however do work across the country and from around the world.

If you would like to find out how we can assist you in getting more traffic from the Internet or how to optimize your website so that you can rank better on Google, give us a call on +27 (0)81 2700 884 or email