Why local SEO is important for small Business

Most small businesses operates in their local communities and needs the support of the community to flourish. Local SEO is a great way for these businesses to get more traffic and therefore also more business. This is why local SEO is Important for small business.

What is local SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process whereby web developers, and web site administrators use keywords and various other methods to allow Search Engines, such as Google, to have results of those searches listed higher on their results pages. Local SEO is getting those rankings for small businesses in their local communities, and this is another reason why local SEO is important to small business.

Why Local SEO is Important for small business

This then allows those web sites to be seen more frequently by people searching for certain topics, content, or small Businesses online within their local towns.

A few reasons why local SEO is important for small Business.

Local SEO is Cost Effective

Local SEO is important for small Business is because a small Business can save large sums of money when using a well-implemented SEO plan as opposed to higher costing advertising and Marketing strategies.

If your small Business is able to hire staff that can implement and support an ongoing SEO strategy, you can reach many potential customers at a fraction of the cost of running expensive Ad campaigns. If your small Business is not able to hire, you can use the services of a reputable SEO Company. They will ensure for a competitive price that you can have a good SEO plan implemented, and give you ongoing update and support on that SEO plan for as long as you are paying for and using their service.

Why local SEO is important for small Business is also because these costs are often lower than running expensive commercial ads on broadcast and print media, and also considering the fact that most people today are on their smart phones or tablets on the internet and if at all have the radio on in the background for music, and will read a newspaper online rather than buy a hard print copy.

Achieves higher local rankings

Over 80% of people are searching for local products and services on a daily basis. Having a SEO strategy setup for your small Business especially using local keywords and search terms, can highly increase traffic to your web site. This is also why local seo is important for small businesses.

It has the highest local advertising conversion rate

Small Businesses which have optimized websites actually reaches more neighboring potential clients than many other forms of advertising, due to online access and the fact that local searching having become so popular.

Everybody has a smart phone, tablet, or laptop with access to the internet. More and more people are spending more time online, reading less hard copy newspapers. To catch their attention, your business have to rank well on various keywords in your industry.

It increases your visibility especially to local visitors

Why local SEO is important for small Business is because if you have a good SEO strategy which targets specifically local content, local social groups, and enables locals to write reviews and recommendations, your small Business will be seen by more of your local potential clients. Never underestimate the power that the local social community has on your business. Their views count immensely.

It increases your organic content

Why local SEO is important for small Business is because it encourages a small Business to keep their web site content, such as text, media, blogs, reviews, and general web site usability up-to-date.

This will increase their user experience, and those users will most likely come back and more likely become a potential client.

It gives you the edge over your competition

Why local SEO is important for small Business is that the small Business space can be very competitive in a smaller local area. If your small Business has a good SEO strategy that has good local methods used, and has updated web site content and encourages user interaction, you will most likely have the more attractive user experience over your competitors in the area.

Your web site and what it offers is your potential customer’s first contact with your small Business, and if your SEO plan includes ongoing maintenance you will keep gaining that upper edge over your competition

It improves Customer trust and Awareness

Why local SEO is important for small business is really all about creating customer awareness and trust. All the listed benefits of higher Search Engine Rankings, better web site content, reaching more people, been seen above the competition, etc. makes existing and potential future customers feel more at ease dealing with your local small Business.

People who are online will see your small Business more often, will associate it with your product, service or brand, will mention it to friends and colleagues, and this is why local SEO is important for small Business, as your whole local community will get to know you as their local household brand or service, or in other words, the local go-to small Business. This is also why it’s so important to keep your SEO marketing plan an ongoing process of research and update, and keeping your web site ranking and content at the top of your game at all times.

When is the best time to consider SEO for your small Business

There is no better time than now to start looking into a SEO strategy for your small Business. Over 80% of people search online for local services and products, and this is growing day by day as more and more people are gaining access to the internet. This exactly is the best reason why local SEO is important for small Business as the longer you wait to get a good SEO marketing strategy in place, the longer you will miss out on all the benefits of this cost effective far reaching marketing option for your small Business.

Does SEO for small Business have any legal implications

Why local SEO is important for small Business is attractive as there are not many known legal implications having a good SEO plan in place, as even many attorneys and law companies use SEO strategies to search data to assist them with cases.

As the internet and dealing with people and customers in a public space, there are obvious general legal rules any person or small business would have to adhere to, such as showing no disrespect to individual’s political or religious views, discrimination towards race, culture and disabilities, and of course personal privacy. These rules are not directly involved with SEO strategies, but is important to keep in mind when optimizing and updating your small Business’s web site content. It’s always a good idea to consult a legal expert on any sensitive matter that might arise in your web site content or customer interaction.

Disadvantages of SEO for small Business

Why local SEO is important for small Business is that although there are many advantages for a small Business, there are also a few disadvantages of using SEO, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages:

It may take a lot of time

Setting up and implementing and maintaining a good SEO plan, especially if done yourself or by one of your small business employees, is that it is quite time consuming, as ongoing research and updating is required to keep your small business and it’s ranking and visibility and credibility at the top. This does pay off in the longer term and is why local SEO is important for small Business. Also you can pay a SEO company who will implement and maintain a good SEO strategy for as long as your payment contract with them is valid, but this will cost you more than doing it yourself.

The internet is your competition

Why local SEO is important for small Business is so beneficial, that many small Businesses in your local area are going to be doing the same, and you will need to have a very good ongoing regular SEO maintenance strategy to keep you an edge above the rest, failing in regular SEO maintenance will allow the competition to climb the Search Engine Ranks above you.

It may seem non-profitable in the beginning

Initially setting up a good SEO marketing plan takes a lot of effort and time, and may not yield immediate results, but that’s why local SEO is important for small Business as a good SEO marketing plan improves visibility, enforces updated web site content, and better user experience, and over time as people become more familiar with your web site, it’s content, interface, and interaction, so will the value of time and/or money invested into your SEO marketing plan be realized as more and more people become potential and then full customers.


Now you can see Why local SEO is Important for small Business as there are many benefits taking into consideration that so many more people are accessing the internet, and browsing and searching for local services and products in their area. Also the convenience of having access to online services encourages them to make use of a small business who embraces the internet and using the SEO technology available to create an update, clean, user-friendly interactive customer environment for your customers.

All you have to do is weigh up the pros and cons of doing it yourself, or paying a SEO Company – your time and expertise at lowest cost, verses paying a professional company to do it at higher cost, both methods will benefit you in the long run.