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technical seo best practices

Technical SEO best practices

The Ultimate Guide to Technical SEO

When you think about Technical SEO best practices, you naturally think about Meta Tags and Fixing a couple of things on your webpage. Technical SEO is actually making your Website page readable for Google. But because your page has to be readable to humans, and enjoyable, Technical SEO has become the art of interweaving your message and structured data in such a way that you make the most of both worlds.

Technical seo is no longer just a checklist of issues to be fixed, but it has involved into something more. Carefully integrating hundreds of keywords into the right mix, has become a task for artificial Intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence in Technical on page seo has created a new world of creating content on your website.

In this Guide I will be sharing the 14 Basic Technical SEO Items

The 15 Basic Technical SEO Items checklist

In the basic technical SEO checklist you will find everything that is obvious for a SEO Specialist to have in place

basic technical seo checklist

Basic Technical SEO is to ensure that your Webpage is Optimized to be make it as easy as possible for Search Engines to find the correct data on your website and includes the following 15 aspects:

  • Meta Tags

  • URL Structure

  • Page Speed

  • XML Sitemap

  • Robots.txt file

  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS

  • Structured Data

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Content

  • Core Web Vitals

  • Internal Linking

  • Optimizing 404 Pages and redirects

  • Alt Tags

  • Schema markup

  • Breadcrumbs

Meta Tags

The Title Meta Tag is most probably the most important instruction on your website, because it displays to Google what your page is about. Google does not specify the length of the title tag, but a good indication is that it should not be less than 30 characters and preferable be in the range of 50 to 70 characters.

The Description Meta Tag is a way of telling everybody, including the Search Engines, what your website is about.

No Index

Creating a Consistent URL Structure

It is essential that URLs follow consistent logically structures. It really helps the user know where they have are on the site. Platforms like WordPress are doing a great job of this.

The placement of your pages in various categories gives Google extra context regarding the pages in the categories you have listed above.

Ensure your Website Page Speed is good

In the beginning of the Internet, it was relative easy to build web pages. There was not very much information and people were used to slow internet connections. Nowadays there is an overload of information and people, as well as search engines, are looking for speed. If your website is not optimized for speed, visitors will simply click away, and this is bad for Search Engines.

JavaScript and CSS make it easier to develop websites and web applications, but it comes with a price. The price is slow websites. There are may ways to Speed Optimization, which is beyond the scope of this article.

When web content becomes richer and dynamic, page speeds become increasingly crucial for user experiences and a factor in ranking in search engines. Most often, the bigger the JavaScript that’s present at the site, the harder that the site can load.

Many Technical SEO Programs which offers a SEO Audit, will automatically check the Web Site and Mobile Speed Optimization. These tools then also offers solutions to these issues, and instructions on how to fix them.

XML Sitemap

a XML Sitemap is a page with a xml structure that lists all the pages on your website in an orderly fashion. This pages is essential to the SEO success of your page, and is required by Google.

xml sitemap

When Google finds this page, they are able to find all the pages on your website and then index them in the Search Engine.

Once you have created a XML Sitemap, you should submit it to The Google Search Console.

If you have a registered Google Search Console Account, Google will give you a report on your indexed page, and the reason for pages which is not indexed. Simply put, if your page is not indexed, it will not rank or show up on Google.

Robots.txt file

Robots are crawling the Internet all the time and some or other time they come across your website, and will look for a robots.txt file to look for instructions on how to crawl your site. You can enable or disable certain web robot crawls in your website, including specific pages.

It is possible for robots to ignore these instructions, but in most cases they won’t.

You can also stop bots from indexing your website with ‘no index’ meta tags. These Meta Tags is an indication to Search Engines that you don’t want them to index these files.

There are also robots and spiders crawling your website with harmful intent. These scripts are designed to steal your website data. These scripts can not be stopped by a robots.txt file but there are other ways to handle them.

JavaScript and CSS

JavaScript and CSS is intended to make it easy for programmers to use libraries of code to make the website better looking and easy to navigate with a lot of bells and whistles. While this is great for designing, it normally comes wit a lot of backend script, that simply slow down your entire Website.

When Google looks at this, their algorithm will penalize your website and rank it lower. Having your website pages optimized for speed is essential. There are many tools and plugins that can assist you with this.

Mobile Speed Optimize your site if you want better rankings. This is the latest as so many people are using mobile devices to access the Internet.

When analyzing your website with the Business Direct Media SEO Tool, you can find out exactly what your website and mobile site speed is, and get instructions on how to fix this.

Structured Data

Having the content of your website structured in a specific way, makes it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for and it also helps Google to find out how your site is structured and how they should interpret it.

Structured Data also help you to make more sense of your own information, and gives you opportunities to create information in an orderly fashion.

Structured Data also help you to get rid of duplicate content and help to improve your Page SEO.

A good Site Audit will help you identify issues within your structured data.

In short, you have to ensure that your page is broken up in <H1>, <H2> and <H3> tags with paragraphs in between. This helps to identify important headline and structure point below the headline in an orderly fashion.

Ensuring that your main keyword that you want to rank for appear in these Headings, will improve your SEO and tell Google what your page is about. This also helps to create a better user experience.

Mobile Friendly

Having your Website Mobile friendly is an important factor for your page seo.

Ensure that your website is responsive. Most people are using Mobile Devices and Tablets, and if your page is not responsive, meaning that it shrinks to fit these devices, people won’t be able to properly view your data.

mobile friendly seo

Google is also getting more aggressive in their approach when it comes to mobile speed and readability. And it is obvious, that when visitors can’t properly read your website, they have a bad experience, and this reflects bad on Google who sent them there in the first place.

For a site to be mobile friendly, it also has to meet the speed requirements of the search engines, which you can determine by doing a seo audit.

In most of the SEO Audits that I do on a daily basis, mobile speed is a major issue in most of them. A site audit can help you identify the issues quickly.


Content is playing a more important role in Search Engine Optimization than ever before. Web Pages need to have enough content and that is why you will see blog posts are becoming longer. SEO Specialists know that a blog post with a certain number of words will rank higher.

You can determine these word counts by using a program like Surfer SEO which will give you an indication based on the artificial intelligence count of the competitor pages.

Another major important issue in technical seo is having duplicate content. Duplicate content is very easy to detect, and when it is detected on your website, your website can be negatively influenced.

Your web pages should have authoritive, and fresh information, if you want it to rank well.

A web page who have too little content on, will not rank that well, unless it is very unique information. Content Count can also be detected in a site audit and the Business Direct Media SEO Tool, will show you exactly what is the optimum word count for your business web pages.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals was introduced by Google and is a way of creating a better experience for the visitor by means of user usability.

The three Core Web Vitals is performance, responsiveness, and visual stability.

Core Web Vitals can be measured by using Google Search Console and is also Integrated in the Business Direct Media SEO Tool. Do a SEO site audit to determine how your website is doing on this.

If you ask yourself, why is technical seo important, then this is one of the main reasons. If you want to show up in the top search results, you should pay attention to technical seo matters like the core web vitals.

Internal Linking

The majority of visitors have no trouble with finding your obvious first line of pages. But when it comes to websites that have acquired lots of information, it becomes essential to drive both visitors and robots to those deep lying pages. You can accomplish this by internal linking. This is simply a way to tell everybody where to find more relevant information

website links

Internal linking also helps with the indexing of your website pages and contributes to your overall technical seo effort. A site Audit will also point out to you what the Internal and External linking structure is and how you should adjust it for optimum results.

Internal Links helps with building your site structure, makes it easier to navigate and help search engines find relevant information

Optimizing 404 Pages and redirects

A 404 page occurs when you follow a web page link that no longer exists. 404 Pages can damage the reputation of your website, and it can also damage your technical seo. A site Audit will identify the 404 pages and redirects on you website, and will make it easier to make corrections, and fix those pages.

Internal links are sometimes a major contributing factor to the creation of 404 pages on your website, when a page is removed. One removed page can cause a lot of broken links or 404 errors, and knowing where to find them is essential.

Identifying and fixing 404 pages is one of the essential best practices of Search Engine Optimization.

Removing a page or changing a page name can also create broken links from external sources. These are a bit more difficult to fix, unless, you make an effort to change the incoming link, or to create an additional page to catch that link.

Fixing 404 Errors helps search engines in better indexing and ranking , and it helps robots to crawl and index your website. It also help robots to better understand your website. The more of these errors that you fix, the better your organic search results will be.

Alt Tags

When placing images on your website, you have to have a way to identify and name those images in such a way that machines can read and understand them. This is a technical seo factor which is important if you want to rank higher in the search results.

The Business Direct Media SEO Tool will help you also see, not only where your web page ranks, but it will also help you see where your images rank.

By placing meaningful alt tags to your website images, you are adding a technical seo factor which will help you rank for images.

When your Images rank high, it brings more visitors to your website, but it must be relevant to the content of the page, otherwise they will leave quickly, your clickthrough rates will drop, and Google will mark you page as not relevant.

These are one of the on-page elements that can elevate your blog post and every page should have good images with meaningful alt tags.

Schema markup

Schema markup, also known as structured data, is the language search engines use to read and understand the content on your pages. By language, we mean a semantic vocabulary (code) that helps search engines characterize and categorize the content of web pages.

schema markup seo

Schema markup, found at Schema.org, is a form of microdata. Once added to a webpage, schema markup creates an enhanced description (commonly known as a rich snippet), which appears in search results.

Snippets are very powerful ranking methods, as they are normally placed at the top of web pages and is extremely important to drive traffic from organic search.

How to implement Schema Markup to your website

  1. Go to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

  2. Select the Type of Data. There are several options listed.

  3. Paste the URL You Want to Markup.

  4. Select the Elements to Mark Up.

  5. Continue Adding Markup Items.

  6. Create the HTML.

  7. Add Schema Markup to Your Site.

  8. Test Your Schema.


Breadcrumbs are SEO-friendly. This is because breadcrumbs automatically insert a link to a category or sub page on your website. This will help with structuring a website architecture. Google is now using URLs for breadcrumbs in the SERPs.

Breadcrumbs also makes it easy for your visitors to find things on your website, it is good for technical SEO and structured data, and improves your site structure.

Technical SEO Frequently asked Questions

Technical SEO Frequently Asked Questions

How is technical SEO different from on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to factors that you can put on your website page that will increase the probability of you ranking higher, while off-page SEO is the influence of factors from outside your website, and these normally refers to links that is pointing to your website.

On Page SEO is basically whet Technical seo includes.

What is technical SEO?

Technical search engine optimization or SEO is an action aimed at building a website for search engines. Most businesses utilize SEO to increase their ranking on search engines (SERPs).

Technical SEO could also be looked as a set of basic rules that needs to be implemented while creating content for your website.

Technical SEO helps with developing structured data

How can I improve my technical SEO?

Technical SEO is improving your website when you ensure that the basic rules of technical seo are followed.

One of the major influences that can help you rank better is to avoid duplicate content.

If you want to improve your website with technical seo, the first step would be to do a seo audit to check some of the on-page seo and off page seo factors.

If these errors are fixed you have a way much better chance of Search Engines crawling and indexing your website.

How can I Optimize my Website Speed?

One of the factors for your website crawling and indexing to take place is that your site should run at an optimal speed.

website speed

To determine the speed of your website, request a SEO Audit and then use the Business Direct Media SEO Tool to find out how to optimize your website and mobile site speed.

Page speed and especially mobile page speed is an important factor of Technical seo. When you site has a slow page speed, that page on your site would most probably not rank as well as it is suppose to. Just by increasing the page speed, you can let that page go up in ranking and bring more visitors to your site.

Increasing page speed is one of the best practices in any seo strategy and will increase the pages load time.

Having a good load time on the important pages will help Google to crawl and index your pages.

Should I have a Google Search Console Account for Technical SEO?

Having a Search Console account connected to your SEO Tools is very important because it reflects the data from Google on which all other decisions are made.

It will reflect the important pages and will show you every page that is searched on. The Search Console will also help you identify important pages which are under optimized. These are normally the easiest to rank high, and to bring you more website visitors. It is therefore an important element to seo technical optimization.

Google Search Console also help you find and fix pages that needs attention.

What are the Technical SEO Fundamentals?

Most of the technical fundamentals are covered by this article above, and if you study them and apply them you will be 90% there.

technical seo

Using a good SEO Program, also helps you to identify the fundamentals which are not in line with what it should be, and will give you tips on how to identify and solve them.

Is a SSL Certificate Essential for Technical SEO?

A SSL Certificate is important to every website as it helps to keep your website safe from all sorts of problems.

It is therefore a part of technical seo in the sense that it influences the overall performance of your website.

What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO refers to the methods that are followed to manipulate Google in indexing and ranking your website. These are normally very bad for your website and can eventually lead to your website rankings being compromised.

If Google see you as applying Black Hat SEO practices, they will even drop your website completely from the rankings.

Many people try to present Black Hat practices, such as buying links, and placing links to irrelevant website, as legal, but it is not and will come back to haunt you in the long term.

White Hat SEO is normally referred to as the practice of building your website structure and information on practices preferred by Google.

Every now and then, Google has an update to bring websites more in line with their strategic core values. In these updates many websites loose their rankings. These are normally websites that was mainly build on black hat strategies, or that included black hat strategies.

Can I apply Technical SEO in blogging?

Not only can you apply technical seo in your blog, but it is essential if you want to drive lots of visitors to your website. Technical SEO will help you grow your blog and create content that is important to search engines.

Make sure you also add Google Search Console to your website and SEO Tools to help your technical seo efforts to produce better results.

Following a technical seo checklist will help you identify all the factors that you should implement.

How important is a XML Sitemap?

A xml sitemap is one of the most important factors as this determines how Google indexes and rank your websites. If the pages of a site is not indexed, there is no way that they will rank.

What is a Canonical Tag?

A canonical URL is the URL of the best representative page from a group of duplicate pages, according to Google. For example, if you have two URLs for the same page (such as example.com? dress=1234 and example.com/dresses/1234 ), Google chooses one as canonical.

How can Technical SEO help search results?

Technical SEO is what drives search results to your website as it is the method of optimize a web page to achieve top rankings on Google. A Top rank, normally drives a lot of traffic to your website. If your site is seo friendly, Google will rank it high in the search engines.

By doing a SEO Audit and finding the issues that needs fixing, you can improve your site structure through good Technical SEO. This will improve your website and tell search engines how to rank the pages.

Technical SEO through the help of Google Search Console is a very effective way to optimize a page on your site. This technical process will definitely drive your pages up the rankings by making them seo friendly.

Guidelines for SEO Content Strategy strategy

Guidelines for SEO Content Strategy

SEO Copywriting: How to Write Content For People and Optimize For Google

One big challenge for bloggers is ensuring their articles are optimized for Google and other search engines and appealing to people. When you’re aiming at developing a blog audience it must be smart. SEO copywriting is the easiest approach. SEO may sound complex, but it is much easier if you understand how to write for a specific person instead of search engines. Your website should not have any limitations beyond just writing a blog post. How can we build a website to meet these goals?

Guidelines for SEO Content Strategy

Writing useful content for people

The word is a very strong medium to connect to people via your blog post. Words inspire participation and this is why your target audience is so important. If you combine words to form valuable content, your target market will love you for it and search engines like google will help you rank higher. It’s impossible to not write amazing stuff if you are dedicated to your target audience.

There are now more websites that publish daily fresh and updated content than ever before and if you want to optimize your content to be in line with your digital marketing strategy but also appeal to your readers, you will need to learn how to become a master at writing content for seo. Do not forget that a lack of quality content is not a good strategy for your target market. It isn’t a great search SEO strategy that should be highlighted.

Besides, there are no better way to increase your organic search ranking than to write content that is amazing.

According to a recent study, a website’s content is helpful, but it needs to have three additional elements to drive organic traffic: namely: high quality content for SEO, good keywords and good link building.


The storyline is what distinguishes SEO copywriting because humans love good stories. Using brand information to tell a story will attract more attention and will be seen by more people. Brand stories are nothing new to the public. Many brands use them and use them now.

Kristen Matthews says natural storytelling is important in the creation of compelling and engaging content. I have been sharing my experience of making money using my own Ferrari. In another blog I wrote about the amount spent on clothing for $662301.44. This article was viewed nearly 2 million times on Facebook and Google+ combined. It is a good idea to have your seo content strategy figured out before you start.

Use humor

There is a reason for writing humor for readers. You may use humor to simplify difficult or controversial matters. You need content that will be a delight for the reader. They should feel a sense of excitement clicking the headlines, reading the intro and then slowly walking down the body. It’s all about expressing your point of view in a persuasive way. When it happens it is irrelevant what we create. Whatever your recommendation is they’ll go for it. google and other search engines are getting smarter by the day through the use of artificial intelligence, but your blog post and seo content are written for search engines and users.

On-page SEO Copywriting

On-page search engine optimization is not something to worry about! There are of hundreds blogs written on the topic and users can easily learn about the topic of on-page SEO. Creating a valuable website element such as external links is important.

You control almost everything that happens within a website. This is the reason that Google monitors your site, tracks your views and shares your content. The foundations for an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign lie inside you — on your site. Make sure you are targeting your long tail keywords by anchoring your internal site, meta tag, or whatever you are referring to. Blog posts can be fun to write, especially if you are passionate about your subject. Learning to integrate it with content for seo in your blog posts is a skill which is rewarded by Google.

Guidelines for SEO Content Strategy

Keyword research for content creation

Google has about 67.6% of click-throughs on its top 5 websites. 61 percent of all search traffic goes to the top three. You should learn keyword research best practices. Long-tail search engine optimization is best because many top brands don’t focus on these terms.

By using the right content to effectively target these kinds of keywords, you’ll be highly successful. Search Engine Marketing is not an exhaustive process. That is how we determine the intent of the audience in our blog posts. Search Results that are presented on a Google Search are influenced by many things. The content should be written with a target keyword in mind. This Content strategy will increase your search volume.

Understanding copywriting

Copy Writing is an art and science of creating content which encourages the user to either subscribe to a mailing list and/or try a new product or service to improve your brand appeal to the end-user.

How can I motivate my clients to take action? Copywriting is the same thing. Copywriters are professionals who write copy to advertise, promote and engage clients. Marketing professionals are often called “creative”. SEO writers tailor SEO strategy for online content.

In your content marketing strategy you need to marry the art and science of copywriting and seo content.

Keyword frequency

The frequency of the search results reflects how often the search term appears on a website. What is the number of times you can include these keyword phrases in an article? Keyword density compared with similar words.

Keyword frequencies are just as important as they were before Google began introducing frequent updates. Use the best practices in optimizing your web pages. Artificial Intelligence inspired software are used to suggest the amount of keywords on your pages, which targeted keywords to use and which anchor text to use in your content for better user experience and google content .

How to Optimize your Content for SEO?

Keep these guidelines in mind whenever you create a new blog.

Always provide users with a good quality piece of content.

As I have stated earlier the primary objective in SEO of content is to meet the user intent. The content you publish on the web must have a purpose. Users are eager to learn but they need something that is easy to read. Good copywriting content is very important for you to rank in search engines.

Why is people not reading my site?
How can I increase my subscriber count by email?
Are there people who are buying my products/services?

These are all questions that you can solve by using the right keyword research and content for search. Google and other search engines are looking for solutions to user intent. What target keyword did the user search for and will the content answer that specific question.

Write long-form content

Many research shows long forms of content perform well on social network searches and forms good content for search. Although this is true there is no reason to write ten thousand words to achieve the maximum amount you want. Quality content always matters over quantity.

Those articles which have great content attract more links to Google, and even with long posts they can rank high in searches. I prefer longform articles since they are more relevant than SEO articles. In digital marketing and social media, content guidelines for seo is important in every blog post. A good SEO content strategy includes good SEO content which can only be created with long form posts.

Using the right SEO Tools to write content for seo will help you stand out in google search results.

Use keywords in the title, heading and body of your content

In SEO it is important to use the main keyword in headlines and H1 and H2 Tags.. There is an old rule of thumb which says important information about pages is those located on the upper part of the page, which gives search engine spiders more information about your content as they crawl your site.

SEO Content in a digital marketing campaign is important because of the type of content that you publish will determine the amount of traffic that you will get from users using the search queries that you have targeted.

Keyword stuffing as they call it is placing the correct amount of keywords in a piece of content without the content being made less, but to create a type of content that makes sense. This helps google rank your post and this in return will send you traffic to your post.

search engine optimization, seo, programmer

Start with keyword research

You’re gonna have to do homework before you start thinking about how you’re going to introduce yourself, this means conducting research for keywords. How do we identify the keywords used by our users in the search field?

Google Analytics and Google Search Control plays a big part in the type of content that you will write and the keywords you will use in your seo content. A Landing Page should be seo friendly with the relevant keyword in the title, be used as a link, and the keyword should be relevant to the content.

Your target keywords should also appear at the URL title of the webpage and in headings. Long tail keywords can be used in your sections or other relevant keywords can be used in your pages. using a keyword to create content is the ideal content marketing strategy. You should map out your content and keywords when planning your post.

Group related pages together into categories

Although this doesn’t have direct connection to content SEO, it is beneficial overall. Google searches a webpage to find out which pages belong in its database, but also looks at how to index them. You should create grouping pages and make the page hierarchy visible.

In order to create a seo friendly post, you should consider the ranking factors, and groups of content is one of them. When you group landing pages in Categories it makes your site more structured and easier for users to navigate your blog post. Content Creation is a lot about planning and strategy to rank your content and get more traffic.

Satisfy the user intent and make it clear from the beginning

The user is looking for information on a specific subject. This Intent is very important to Google and if you want to rank and get more traffic you have to pay close attention.

If your user uses a keywords like “How to rank my Landing Page”, you need to make sure that the first page that he sees is about “How to rank a Landing Page. This information should be keyword targeted and the content should reflect it. One of the SEO Tips that I found that made a difference for me, was to create seo content that matches the user’s intent.

Always use text to accompany your non-text content

It’s possible to get more users for text on your site by including text on your webpage, even if your site promotes a variety of different types of content. Tell the world that you have an infographic you’d like to share on a website you have published. Make sure there’s text on the page explaining what the infographic’s purpose is. It is possible to apply similar ideas to a digital image or video.

Also make sure that your SEO content includes ALT Text to your images. This must match the keyword that your site or page are promoting and that you want to rank for on the first page. This is a ranking factor that can bring you more traffic and users. Words are important to Google. This is all that they see in your post.

Use schema markup to describe your content to search engines

Using structured data you will be able to tell search engines what your content is about. For example, using an article is very different from a Business listing. You can create many schemas depending on what kind of content you publish. This page contains Schematics, articles, videos, podcasts, product reviews and more.

Structured information has gained more importance in recent months, according to Google.

Add internal links to other related content on your website

Content SEO also includes internal linking. You can include links in your web page so that search engines can get more information. Internal links help Google understand what they are referring to better. Use meaningful anchor text to allow crawlers to understand exactly how the link was accessed.

Make it easy to read

Keep your material simple and readable. Use the formatting styles in pages rather than putting text on them; it can also be helpful to people who are prone to skim reading.

Add external links to other high-quality websites

If you are linking from your own site you should link to another good quality source. Using tags is also a good way of identifying data and words. A link to a good source identifies to Google what your content is about.

What is SEO guidelines for content writers?

The guideline that matters most to me when I am writing content are the following:

Keyword Related and Optimized
Long Meaningful Articles
Link internal and external
Write in paragraphs
Use keywords in body and in headers
Stay focused on your subject

Guidelines for SEO Content Strategy

What makes good content SEO?

When creating content search engines loves, keyword strategy is crucial to an effective content search engine strategy. The best keywords are often competitive keywords or long term niche keywords for your business and your products.

What is SEO checklist?

Checklists can offer a lot of value to your SEO and should be used if you are serious about content creation. It is about putting the best content into a specific page. It provides optimization for both visible content and source code. Finding which aspects is most important and then compile your own list.

What is SEO content writing examples?

How can I create good seo content?
Create attractive page title & description.
Use headings and sub headings.
Make use of the appropriate keyword density.
Answering Users’ Search Intent.
Use a simple web address and make sure your keyword is in the URL

How do I do content optimization in SEO?

How do a webmaster improve the page ranking?
Pick a topic or a keyword that compliments your seo.
Search keywords with semantic similarities to your search.
Managing Keyword Density.
Take care of the seo content intent.
Make use of visuals to keep visitors engaged
Link with other valuable websites and get them to link to you to improve seo
Cover seo content topics in depth.

How is content marketing used in SEO?

How to develop a good SEO Content Marketing plan?
By writing good quality seo content that targets specific keywords like “Long Tail Keywords” you will find that your site will rank easier for the specific keyword. When your site ranks better, it will send more traffic and your content will be showed to more visitors.

What are the 4 important components of SEO?

Among the most important elements of SEO:
On-Page SEO.
Off-Page SEO
Link Building
Content Creation

What is SEO content?

Content SEO is a technique of producing information which improves the ranking of your website. This covers all the writing and structuring of your site content. It is a complex process and by learning more about it, you can produce a page on a specific keyword that rank high and bring more visitors to your website. This will improve your Digital marketing and can even improve your social media engagement. Links are also important in seo and will improve your SEO content rankings.

How do you write SEO content?

Writing good SEO content is an art and must be mastered over time. There are a number of SEO Tools that can help you achieve this.

What SEO means?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice used to optimize a site’s technical configuration, content relevance and links popularity so its pages become easier to find, this increases search engine rankings and improves its quality.

SEO also helps in a business’s digital marketing campaign and even to promote social media engagement. Content SEO and links are the two main methods driving seo content to rank high in Google and other Search Engines. Building links to and links from other websites are also an important method of ranking your website and building a SEO campaign.

Why is seo important

Why is SEO Important

Over the past couple of years websites have become more popular and easier to build. This led to the creation of billions of websites. And although they are easy to build, your website are absolutely worth nothing if you don’t have traffic to your website. It is therefore more important that you would ask yourself why is SEO Important?

why is seo important

Many people don’t understand this and they think if they do have a website they will get business from it. Just having a website with no traffic means you have no visibility on the internet. It is like creating a beautiful sign board and place it in your basement.

So what is the solution and how can you change this so that people will see your website?

There are many ways to create traffic and it includes paid and free options. The problem is that free options are not always free because it takes up your time and your time is money. If you spend too much time on it they will definitely cost you more than the paid options.

On the first page of Google there are paid options or Google ads and then there are free listings which are organic listings. The Organic listings are the indexed pages of your website. When Google indexes your page, they look at different factors and these factors can be improved if you do search engine optimization.

So in short, search engine optimization is used for the improvement of your website pages to ensure that they feature on Google and other Search Engines.

The position that your website will feature is also influenced by many factors and the only way to push this up to the top is by doing good SEO.

What is SEO and why is it important?

Search engine optimization is the improvement of your website rank-ability in Google.

If you do not have good search engine optimization your pages will not feature and you won’t get traffic.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for any small business to ensure that their search engine optimization is properly done if they want to feature in the business world.

This is what is great about the technology nowadays. Even if you are a small business and you can get a lot of exposure in the online world.

What is the benefit of SEO?

If you ask yourself, Why is SEO Important, then you should have a look at the benefits of SEO. There are many benefits to SEO but the one that stands out is that you will get more traffic more business and more profits and in the end that is what counts for small businesses.

You just have to ask yourself am I willing to invest in search engine optimization?

If you are willing to invest in search engine optimization and therefore investing in your own business it will bring benefits that will stay with your business for many years.

Good search engine optimization is like having a permanent 24/7 marketing agent that never sleeps never go on leave, never become sick but constantly announce your products and your services to the world.

Why is SEO important (in simple words)

In Simple Words SEO is making your website better so that more people can see it more people can visit it and you can make more profits.

If you have been in business for any time you will know that good advertising and good marketing is what brings in your customers and that brings in the profits.

Why is SEO important in 2022

There’s never been a more important time to do search engine optimisation in your business. Because technology has made it so simple and easy there are billions of people who are online and you have to beat them.

With proper research and tools it is very easy to do and anybody can do it. If you however have an agency like Business Direct Media that does it for you you can cash in on their experience and knowledge and take your site even further

2022 is most certainly one of the most exciting times in the technology field and also in search engine optimization and a good time to ask yourself why is seo important.

14 Reasons – Why is SEO Important

Here are my personal 14 best reasons why you should invest in search engine optimization and get your site to rank.

1 – Why is SEO Important? – It makes your website more visible

SEO definitely makes your site more visible. One of the major mistakes that small businesses makes is that they think if they rank on one page which is usually their business name that they are ranking well on Google as a whole.

There are thousands of keywords that you can use to rank on for your specific business. Keyword research or search term research is one of the most important aspects if you do search engine optimization.

If you have thousands of pages that ranks on Google you are not only visible in one place but you are actually visible almost everywhere where your customers are looking for answers to the products and services that you have.

2 – Why is SEO Important? – It gives you more Traffic

In the technological world of today it is very important that you have lots of traffic to your website if you want to stand out from the crowd. There are various ways to get traffic but the one most certain way to ensure that you get lots of traffic and you get it on a long-term basis is to do proper SEO for your website.

If you do search engine optimization well then your keywords will stick around on the first pages of Google for a very long time and competition can’t just take it out. This will produce lots of traffic for your website which will ultimately benefit you and your business.

3 – Why is SEO Important? – It makes you competitive

Once you have done search engine optimization properly on your website you will be much more competitive in your own business world in your own niche and in your own industry. It is one of the certain ways to make you stand out from the crowd and stand out above your competition.

When you have thousands of pages ranking all over Google then it is not easy for your competition to catch up. It takes a long time to do proper search engine optimization but once you have done it it is a competitive advantage.

4 – Why is SEO Important? – It gives you credibility

When people see you ranking at the top of Google’s pages all the time it definitely gives you credibility. Whether it is your customers, or your prospective customers, they will see you as the leader in your field.

In some respect that is what search engine optimisation is all about. You want to display to Google and the world that you are the expert the authority and that you are trustworthy. These three components are essential if you want to make it in the online business.

Credibility online is more important that you might think. In the past people would just do business with you without checking you out but nowadays because of everything that is going on online and because it is so easy people will first go and check out your profiles and your services online before they do business with you. The easiest way to show credibility is to show it online through the correct use of search engine optimization

5 – Why is SEO Important? – It builds your Brand

Search engine optimization definitely build your business brand. If people see you all over the place they recognize your brand it shows that your business is serious and it gives them confidence in your business.

Building your brand has never been easier and with that said I still see many many small businesses that never grow past that because they do not invest in search engine optimization.

Large companies spend millions of Dollars every year to promote their business brands and to grow their business plans. If it is so important to them don’t you think it matters to your small business? Indeed it does.

6 – Why is SEO Important? – It creates more Profits

Great SEO definitely leads to more profits in your business. There is a huge return on investment for search engine optimization if it is done properly, if it is managed well and if it is monitored.

Because of technology it is quite easy to monitor your results with search engine optimization. Google’s platforms like Analytics and Google search console gives you a wide variety of data about your website about people visiting it where they come from and what they searched for.

These are free tools from Google and should be used by every business owner. If you do not make use of these tools with your website then you should definitely think about it.

7 – Why is SEO Important? – It creates Organic Search which is the Primary Search Method

When you search on Google you will find that at the top there will be free Google ads at the bottom there might be three Google ads and in-between is 10 organic search results. Many people use the Organic search results as their only option because they know that the results are that are in there are properly ranked by Google.

The Organic search results gives more credibility to your business and then the ads itself.

The only way to get your website to rank organically is to have a good search engine optimization strategy. It should be part of every small business marketing strategy. I sometimes come across small business owners who thinks that it is not important at all. The problem is that the competition are walking away with all their business.

8 – Why is SEO Important? – You better Understand the voice of the Consumer

Nowadays more than ever the voice of the consumer is very important. Consumers have more choices and it is easier for them to go to your competition.

When they search on Google they actually tell you what they are looking for. If you listen to this voice of the consumer and to optimize your site for that specific questions that they have you will definitely get their business. SEO is therefore not only a way to rank your website but it is also way to interact and to listen to your consumers.

It is a very easy way to give them answers to the most relevant questions that you have in your business or in your industry. When you answer the questions they will see you as the expert they will see you as the authority and they will trust you.

9 – Why is SEO Important? – It creates Better User Experience

An optimized site is also very good for user experience. User experience has become critical in technology nowadays. There are so many businesses online that if they do not have a good experience with your business they simply go elsewhere.

One of the ways that you can provide a better user experience is to do good SEO which will help your customers find more answers to more questions.

If they type a certain question into Google and your company is the one that answers it it will build trust with them but it will also ensure that they have a good experience.

10 – Why is SEO Important? – It Increases Engagement

The more content you have ranking on Google the more you your customers will engage with you. Every time they have a question, and you have the answer, it is another engagement that comes to your business instead of your competition.

There are ways to figure out what these questions are and then you have to offer solutions to those questions in the form of articles answers and opinions. If your website rank for these on the first page of Google it gives an impressive display of your business.

If consumers find you easily on Google and you answer the questions then they will engage with you more often.

11 – Why is SEO Important? – SEO is a long Term Solution

It is important to know that SEO is not a short-term solution, it is a long-term solution that will serve your company for many years to come.

It however also takes a long time to build it up. It is therefore important to make sure that you build it up the right way. SEO agency like Business Direct Media can give you very specific advice on how to do this. Make sure your strategy is well planned out and executed in a consistent manner.

12 – Why is SEO Important? – Search Engine Optimization can be measured

Anytime that you advertise on the internet whether it is through Google or somebody else you want to make sure that you can measure the results. Why is SEO Important enough to measure your results? If you cannot measure the results then you are wasting your money.

With the help of the Google tools it is easy to manage and measure your search engine optimisation. The business Direct Media SEO tool also has reports and various ways of measuring the results.

Once you have this data you can calculate the return on your ad spend and be sure that you have a good investment.

13 – Why is SEO Important? – The first page wins the click

It is said that more than 90% of all business comes from the first page of Google. If you are not part of that it means that you are sharing the rest of the 10% with all other businesses. For the thousands of web pages that is available for every search query on Google there are only 10 websites that is on the first page and you should ask yourself the question “am I one of them?”.

If you do proper search engine optimization you will definitely be on the first page of Google and you will win that first click. The first click is the most important one because it builds trust and put your business in a good light.

14 – Why is SEO Important? – SEO will always be with us

SEO is not going away anytime soon. Even with the implementation of artificial intelligence there will also be room for search engine optimization as this is the way that Google determines which sites goes on top.

Software are becoming more and more complicated and it includes the use of artificial intelligence in making search engine optimization decisions.

If you do not have access to good search SEO software then you are losing the race. This is why we at Business Direct Media offers you the opportunity to use our software even if you are a small business.

If you have questions about this please contact us and we will gladly help you.

SEO Solutions

How can I increase SEO Traffic?

So now you have decided that you must do SEO and answered the question “why is seo important“, where do you start?

The first thing that you need to do is to do a free search engine optimisation audit. This will tell you where exactly your website has issues and what needs to be fixed first.

You then need to do a keyword research which will tell you exactly which keywords to use and to optimize.

Once you have the key words you have to create a landing page for for each other key words which are optimized. You can also measure this after migration with a business Direct Media SEO tools.

What is a good SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy is always consistency. If you are consistent with your SEO strategy and you work on your website on a weekly basis to make it better with SEO then you will win.

There is no easy or fast way out for search engine optimization. You should however be aware because there are many people online that will tell you that they are fast and easy ways to do this and and they will not only take your money but they will also damage your website.

It is therefore essential that you work with a good SEO company that you can trust.

How effective is SEO

SEO is very effective if it is done in the proper way. It is through good SEO that many bloggers have built websites that are worth thousands of Dollars. If you ask yourself, why is SEO important, it is also because it is effective, very effective.

In fact it is impossible to go anywhere with your website if you do not do proper SEO.

How do I create SEO for my website

First of all you will have to either learn how to do search engine optimization or you will have to get a SEO agency like Business Direct Media that can do it for you.

What is the first step in SEO

Depending on how much you know about SEO it is most probably the best idea to, as your first step, talk to a SEO agency or a SEO professional that can guide you through the process. We have many articles on this website that will can show you how to do it, what to do, and where to go.

Can I do SEO on my own

Yes for sure you can do your own SEO. SEO is very time-consuming and if you want to spend your time doing SEO instead of working on your business, you can do it.

It takes a lot of time and it takes very sophisticated tools so if you do not have either of those then it is impossible to do it yourself.

How do I find Keywords for my SEO campaign

Finding keywords is usually done through a keyword research or search term research.

With a keyword research you would like to find the best search terms that associate with your business but you would also like to find the search terms that will be the easiest to rank. Although the keyword must be easy to rank it must still have a high percentage of people that visit it.

Finding the balance between the traffic that it gets and the least competitiveness can be a great challenge and requires good software

Who can I outsource my SEO to?

At Business Direct Media we have different options for search engine optimization which includes DIY packages with our software or we can do the search engine optimization for you. If you want to know Why is SEO Important, contact us and talk to one of our staff members

For more information contact Christo at +27 (0)81 2700 884 or email me at christo@businessdirectmedia.com

seo agency services

SEO Agency Services

Choosing a good SEO Agency is very important because it is not that easy to monitor results. Your SEO Agency Services should include quality reporting and feedback to ensure that you can keep tabs on what is happening.

Finding the best SEO Agency Services

When looking for SEO Agency Services it is very important to make sure that you understand what SEO is all about. There are many so-called SEO Specialists out there that will take you for a ride just because you do not understand the process and what needs to happen in order to create a successful Search Engine Optimization Project.

To understand what your process is about, you first have to know why it is important to create a SEO Campaign. The main driving force behind all traffic on the internet is without a doubt Google. It is therefore important to know what they expect from a website in order to rank it high on their search engine.

What does Google want from your SEO Project

Google are mainly interested in serving their their visitors high quality content which is unique and helpful to their visitors.

Google is looking for content which is

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthy

If you can give Google that information your battle is halfway won. The rest is how you generate your page for google to read. When Google indexes your pages on your website, they look for specific information in order to rank your content higher. This is not so easy and we use sophisticated software which takes a lot of information into account. You can access these tools through the Business Direct Media SEO Toolkit.

What to look out for in SEO Agency Services

There are two main ways of Optimizing your website and they are called White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. The problem is that it is very difficult to distinguish between the two.

For instance: one of the factors that are required to rank your page higher is to create links which points back to your website. Google has specific rules about link building and how it can influence your website and rankings. If they find that you try and manipulate the links (they are very good at this) it will not only influence your website rankings negatively but can disqualify your site completely.

Working with a reputable SEO Agency will help you to make the right decisions and will save you a lot of money in the long term.

seo agency services
Business Direct Media SEO Agency

What are the SEO Agency Services that makes a difference in your rankings?

Step 1 – Create a thorough Website Audit

Step 2 – Connect to Google Services including Analytics and Search Console

Step 3 – Do a comprehensive Keyword (Search Term) Analysis

Step 4 – Identify Major Keywords

Step 5 – Do Landing Page SEO for each keyword

Step 6 – Research Competition rankings, keywords and links

Step 7 – Create strong unique and authority content

Step 8 – Do On Page SEO for each of the content pieces (Technical Analysis)

Step 9 – Do Traffic Analysis

Step 10 – Do Social Analysis

Step 11 – Do Link Analysis and create a link building strategy

Step 12 – Create Valuable in-depth reporting on a regular basis

SEO Agency Services in South Africa

There are many SEO Agencies in South Africa that does awesome optimization in a trustworthy way. Business Direct Media in the Western Cape is one of these companies. We however do work across the country and from around the world.

If you would like to find out how we can assist you in getting more traffic from the Internet or how to optimize your website so that you can rank better on Google, give us a call on +27 (0)81 2700 884 or email christo@businessdirectmedia.com