The anatomy of the perfect SEO report

Reports are something everyone must produce — whether based on internal SEO or agency work. A SEO report helps show how well campaigns are doing and helps justify the strategy we adopted and when we report on seo we build trust. However, SEOs tend to concentrate mainly their attention on SEO strategy, not producing seo reports about it. We are focusing on helping you learn to use SEO to analyze a company and to produce a good SEO Report.

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Create your SEO Report In 6 Steps

If you are planning on writing an SEO report then you should use a simple template which will be replicated each month for the first time. A template for SEO can be used to highlight all the key indicators for your SEO campaign, highlighting actionable steps for success. The Visme reports template can be modified by professionals and can include new sections or re-design the templates to their liking. Using a monthly SEO report template can be useful in the long run. As this is completely customizable template you can customize the slides based on client requests and requirements. You can also build your own monthly seo report template

Organic traffic

It’s likely your best section in your SEO report is about organic traffic. Indicate clearly where your website has the most or least organic traffic, to help customers understand how your optimization efforts affect their rankings. Let’s look at how to get organic traffic for your site in your seo reports. Ahrefs allows you to filter the traffic from different countries and shows you the source from which the traffic comes from. You are able to compare month-by-month, week-by-week and year-for-year performance across categories, groups and sites. This type of SEO reporting makes your seo work so much easier. If you use this to create your seo report templates your seo customers will be much happier.


Backlinks are essential for SEO reporting. Developing a strong backlink database is a key challenge a web developer faces. It provides a detailed overview to client of links acquired through your report. Shows the number of back links your site has gained in recent time and how you plan on increasing them. List some things to consider in your Back Link Analysis report. Think of it month to month and divide it up by goal achieving.

Title Card

It’ll take a few minutes for an SEO report to complete. Include your brand logo, the day/month of the report and your site URLs. It can be augmented by adding smooth complementary colours, icons, and shapes to Vismes vast collection. After that everything goes well again.

Table of Contents

Create a good Table of Contents in your seo report. This will help your customers better understand the report and your seo efforts. If you have good seo reporting tools, this should not be a big issue. Items included in your Table of Contents in the seo report should include:

Organic Traffic, Keyword Rankings, Link Building, Average Positions, Domain authority, backling profile, target keywords etc..

What is a SEO report?

Firstly, the report must have a clear descriptive tone. The report should provide useful information about the data in this area. It is therefore a good idea to use a seo report template. We all realize SEO is useless without a detailed report with a huge amount of keyword data. The most important aspect you should consider while creating an SEO report template is the standardization of the process. The results should also make generating a report a breeze for SEO professionals. This also ensures you are using the proper reporting format. You can easily write an SEO report for your clients in seconds.


Each SEO report template is customized according to each customer’s needs. For example, if your clients are wanting to increase conversion rates you must consider measurable indicators such as clickthrough rates, keywords ranking or bounce rate. Avoid using a vanity score that isn’t useful to clients. KPI’s in your seo report template should show how effective you are hitting your clients objectives. With measurement of these KPIs in the seo report, you can see how well a given strategy works and why you should invest. Much of this information can be extracted from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and easily integrated in your seo report template.

Digital marketing has become competitive and the better you can optimize your report templates, the more you will succeed in your digital marketing efforts. Your seo report is a key factor in the reporting process.


Sometimes the customer can find the the technical details in the report quite scary. It’s essential to have a clean overview of key information on your site and to use data in such a way that you can offer the best seo service. Use terms like “The following is an overview of the results of your SEO strategy”.

Think of this as an index of information. It helps the customers to understand what the SEO report contains and what they can expect. Add graphics or diagrams for a visual view of data that is easy to understand. Remember that clients may have little or no time for the analysis of all of these factors, so it’s important to keep the seo report overview short. Digital Marketing and especially seo metrics can be daunting to customers.

If you use data from google like Google Analytics and Google Search Console in your marketing reports in a simple form, your client will better understand you as the seo consultant. Mostly clients just want to know that you are making progress and their pages are ranking on their website.


Incorporate actionable steps as well as an explanation of what to expect. Make sure the campaign you plan to launch has the most effect and what campaign you plan to put in place. If a site is rapidly losing backlinks, you should look at link building opportunities. Find broken links on the website and fix those pages. The Opportunity page in an SEO report helps your customer learn how to improve revenue. Plus if you have good SEO strategies and dependable figures to support your recommendations on progress of the website pages organic search traffic conversions, your client will be happy.

Templates for reports

You can create stunning reports online quickly with the Business Direct Media SEO Tool preset template. Find an inexpensive report template to personalize and you can create your own report with data which you have gathered from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. While it is not necessary to create the perfect SEO report it is important to include a few essential elements, or key performance indicators for the success of the SEO report like:
Average Position or Keyword Rankings, Domain Authority, progress on link building, Traffic stats from Google Analytics and progress on page performance.

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Why should I write a regular SEO report?

SEO is an important aspect of almost every business. SEO Rankings attracts increasing investment and attention. Earlier in 2018, it was estimated that the SEO industry is worth around $80B. The stakes are high. Companies rely on this information to promote their products and services. Good organic conversions is a strategic part of the marketing strategy. It is therefore important to circulate regularly updated SEO report to display page ranking performance. The SEO report should be equally relevant to the SEO specialists themselves and the importance of these metrics should never be ignored. If you get your SEO report right, it is much easier for the marketing team to achieve their marketing objectives

Reporting on Technical SEO

Technical SEO covers topics such as improving web speed, resolving errors in 404s,internal linking, number of links and more. This aspect is related to making sure a website is properly indexed or crawlable by Google Analytics so that your organic search and conversion rates are tops. In terms of reporting, you must report on the technical performance of your webpage. You should highlight technical SEO errors and issues that must be addressed. There are SEO Tools that provides good starting points and will increase the conversion rate. Site Audit tools allow you to preview and export the theme report covering the following topics. You can get a free SEO Audit from the Business Direct Media Audit Tool.

Choose SEO Reporting Metrics and KPIs

It is important to report metrics that matter and these can differ across businesses. This is why your SEO Report Template should be well planned. The metrics you use should clearly show the use of the report in the process of assessing progress and actions. You can report measurable data which you get from Google Analytics. Reporting too often can make your client lose interest.

How does SEO reporting work? Reporting requirements for e-business SEO strategies is different from that of online shops and also different from other website. You should therefore use a good data reporting tool.

One specific key metric is the bounce rate of pages. Organic rankings has normally got smaller bounce rates if the keywords and page content aligns well. Your starting point is good keyword research and selecting good organic keywords, and reflect them in your ranking report templates.

Client Portal

Business Direct Media makes the reporting for SEO clients on their marketing progress more efficient and more effective. You may also build branded portals that provide customers with access to consolidated reporting 24/7 or you can use the Business Direct Media SEO Tool to give your clients access to the data. With this Portal, you only select the required report setting and submit portal credentials to clients.

It saves time when you prepare all the reports. Your clients have access to SEO information anytime that is needed and it can prove very useful when clients want daily monitoring and updating the rankings via the ranking report. Contact us to find out if your digital agency or marketing agency will work with it. It can create a great starting point to measure marketing progress.

Custom reports

You can create fully customizable SEO reports by using the “Business Direct Media” SEO tool. With this dashboard you can quickly retrieve data from Business Direct Media tools in just one click. This data can be added to Google Search Engines Analytics, Google Adwords, Google My Business, or Google Search Engines.

If you are a SEO Consultant you can align your report to your brand by using your logo, and eliminate the reference to Business Direct Media. The agency growth kit provides users with brand and white label reporting services and your own seo report template.

Report Automation

The report is automatically generated to provide a daily update to your management or client, if needed. It shows number of links, referring domains, landing page seo, keyword ranking, backlink profile, organic search results, winning pages, top pages and other page performance metrics. Reporting is delivered every day, weekly or monthly. You may even save a signature for future reports exporting.

Reports via Business Direct Media

Business Direct Media offers customized reporting solutions to simplify reporting, monitoring metrics and track performance. The Reports is helpful for integrating Google Suite data on pages with competitor data for the client.

Reporting on keywords and ranking

The SEO community is often confused about reporting on keywords in their report. Ranking has a long-standing metric, and it is sometimes difficult to change them into metrics of success. In fact, higher rankings mean more traffic and better conversion rates. If you rank for an incorrect term it will never result in conversion. Some users may be surprised by the increase in rankings and performance for certain terms or phrases. Offering the client this information on organic rankings via these seo tools can give the client a lot of reassurance.

Keyword Rankings

Position monitoring tools are useful in the analysis of keyword rankings. If this isn’t available for your domain, you can start the new position tracker by clicking on the link at the top of the page. You can also import keywords manually, or you can import search terms from campaigns like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. So you can see how these keywords ranks. The importance of being able to show how organic ranking increases with time. Tracking keyword position is a useful tool for determining a website’s progress and can not be over estimated. if the site has little organic traffic but rankings gain strength and gain traffic as it gets older.

Average Position and Organic Keyword Visibility

It can help you track trends. These indicators are very good indicators of progress. If a keyword is identified you show that organic keyword separately. However, when we report visibility growth and average ranking for each of these keywords we see the most visible results. The positioning monitoring report can be used to view the entire information.

Why should I create an SEO report?

The creation and maintenance of the report has threefold benefits. The most important objective when putting together an SEO report is knowing what people want to find in the search results of the internet. If you know the target audience and the intent, it helps you enhance website’s SEO. Second, by looking at all key metrics in SEO it helps your company establish trust and authority among all your users.

Bring your information to life

Get weekly advice to help you understand how Business Direct Media SEO Tools helps you create content and create organic rankings. You have many tools available for SEO reporting. SEO experts gathers data from multiple sources and from multiple tools.. According to experience, we find the BDM SEO tools to produce the most precise report possible on search engine marketing, backlink profile, and organic rankings

Automate your monthly SEO reports

Business Direct Media is a quality SEO report template too; that provides you with all of your customizations and the convenience of a template for monthly SEO reports. Digital Marketing efforts is made easier if you automate your SEO Reports by creating a good seo report template

Reporting on Link Building

Links remain a key SEO factor, and almost every SEO report will have links listed in them. Measuring the referring domains in your seo report template is essential.

The links you have built

Transparency is always important. When you build link correctly it should never be hidden. The biggest skepticism among customers when hiring a search engine marketing firm is the concern with link building quality. Use this report to show the value of what is in your report. We often find that importing a list of all your linked pages with Authority Scores is incredibly successful. You must also list your links that has been built or averaged since you started working on the website.

New and Lost Links

You can check all your links in the report, but you should mention these data metrics in its own right. It is really important to have an increased number of link profiles in the future – though this tactic simply because the effect of a link being dropped. Ensure transparency and highlight any places where you have lost links and analyze these more thoroughly to give you an opportunity for you.

Link Profile Growth Over Time

Again, these items are included in the Backlink analysis but are important to reference as this greatly influence organic rankings and site conversion rate. You may notice links between competitors, but that’s normal because this should be part of your business to get good keyword ranking. It’s easy enough to see how many domains are being referred in your link building efforts. Keep your reports clear.

Link Profile Breakdown

Visit Backlink Analytics and see your website URLs for a snapshot. The most useful tools for assessing health of profile users are these overviews. This is simple and detailed enough to include

Three essential parts of a compelling SEO report

We’ll go over what is important to your client in a SEO report.

Results: highlight what you’ve accomplished

Using key results to share the SEO report will help improve SEO reporting for you. This presentation shows your amazing work and helps clients to understand why they hired you for this job to improve keyword ranking. Reminding the customer of your objectives helps frame the story. So you can concentrate on your goals. How do I increase my client’s traffic to the site by boosting organic search results? How does this boost increase organic search traffic to the site?

Tell me the next step for your client?

Once the project is complete, you can show how you can increase client confidence to trust your expertise. Which strategy will bring more results for your business? How should I achieve a particular goal? Is search algorithms changing to improve rankings? Setting a precise time frame helps your clients trust your work management abilities as they understand SEO priorities.

Tell me the most important lesson you learned?

Search engine optimization involves testing a digital marketing method to ensure organic traffic rankings on your landing pages. Take the time to note how well your SEO efforts have helped you improve your search results by tracking the data. You will demonstrate flexibility, top-class analytics and SEO skills and will impress them with transparency and efficiency, creating better conversion rates. Win for all with a great conversion rate through digital marketing best practices. Having a seo report template is thus essential.

If you are using landing pages, you can use the tool’s health audit landing pages seo to match keywords to pages


Building a healthy seo strategy is important for any business. Using the right tools goes a long way. Taking into consideration that many tools are influenced by Artificial Intelligence nowadays, it is important to do some research on them.