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What is Search Engine Optimization and how can your business benefit from it?

Google is responsible for most of the traffic on the Internet and if your business does not feature well on Google and other major Search Engines, then your online business is dead.

In our research we have found that up to 90% of all online business comes from the first page of Google. There are two main ways to be found on the first page af any Google Search. The first and easiest way, but also the most expensive is to place an ad with Google on the Google Ads system. This is a quick and easy process but requires a good budget to be a sustainable option. In many cases we advise our clients to do a combination of Google Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In Search Engine Optimization your budget is a very important factor and companies with higher budgets are most likely to have better rankings. SEO is an expensive and time-consuming process but if you do it right, you can benefit from it for many years to come.

White Hat and Black Hat Search Engine Optimization

In the Search Engine optimization industry there are two ways of getting the job done. There is a proper way (which is referred to as White Hat SEO) and there is a quick and easy way, but has a lot of problems and can get your website de-indexed which is called "black hat" search engine optimization. Of course there are various variations between the two. It is important that you work with a SEO Company that will help you build your business and website in a responsible way.

With all that said, it is important that you have a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization and how it works. This information will help you steer away from the thousands of so-called SEO Gurus that will eventually only help you get banned from Google.

What is important to Google?

It is important to firstly understand what is important to Google. If you understand this, then it is easier to understand why we make certain choices when it comes to Optimizing your website.

Google Search Engine


There are two things which is very important to Google and that is Relevance and Uniqueness. When someone searches on Google, the most important thing for Google is that a visitor will find the most relevant information as quickly as possible. We all had the experience some or other time where you searched and just could not find what you were looking for. Google does not want this to happen and their algorithm will always search for the most relevant solutions.

Google has an extensive algorithm that guides the decision of who ranks first on a page. They give preference to relevance. The more relevant your website is, the more likely you are to rank first. On the other hand people have tried to abuse the Google system so much that they had to find ways of ensuring that this relevance are not being manipulated.

One example of Black Hat SEO Gurus is to write a piece of content and then “Spin” the content so that you will eventually have thousands of articles that all originated from the first article. These article’s which you can buy for next to nothing, will hurt your website more than it will do good. It is for this reason that Uniqueness is also important to Google.

We either create content ourselves or we work with reputable content writers that can add value to the website. A Valuable piece of content may take much more time and resources to create, but in the end it will serve you and your business for many years to come.

The Search Engine Optimization Process

Now that we know what is important to Google, the question is how do we achieve it?

There are two main portions to a SEO Project. The first is called On Page Optimization and the second is called Off Page Optimization and I will deal with both of these in a minute.

At Business Direct Media, we have created a system that guides us step by step to ensure that we don’t miss anything while optimizing your website.

The first thing that needs to be done in any Search Engine Optimization process is Keyword Research. Once we have determined which keywords are relevant and important to your business and industry, we find a couple of hundred keywords which are relevant to the initial keywords. In other words, what are people most likely going to search for when they look for your business. These keywords are then weighed for the volume of traffic that they are most likely to produce and the competitiveness of the keyword. Depending on these factors we choose the 10 – 20 keywords that are most likely to achieve first page ranking and will send the most traffic to your website

Next we will do a Comprehensive SEO Audit on your website based on these keywords.

SEO Audit


We need to know what all the errors on your website are that needs fixing. We also need to know how we can improve the quality of your overall website? This SEO Audit forms an integral part of the search engine optimization process.

Step 3 is to create a plan to build strong links from other websites to your website. This forms part of the Off-Page Optimization and is most probably the most important step in the Search Engine Optimization Process. Every website that links to your website is considered by Google as a vote of confidence towards your website. As you can imagine this process is widely abused by Black Hat SEO enthusiasts and can hurt your website if not done properly.

The last step in our process is the Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting of the process. Your Search Engine Optimization project is just as good as your monitoring. If you don’t properly monitor each step in the process, you won’t know where to spend your money effectively.

Apart from the software that we have developed, we use several other software programs to ensure that we do each step properly. Although these software programs are very expensive, it is impossible to do good search engine optimization without it.

Step 1 – Keyword Analysis and Research

It is important to understand how to find good keywords to start your search engine optimization process. This is very important and yet many people miss it by just diving into the process.

Keyword Research


Keyword Research starts with understanding the environment of the business. What are your core functions and which words will best describe your business activities. We take these keywords and by simply doing a search on Google for every word, we take note of the auto-suggestions that Google offers to build out our list of keywords.

We then go to Google’s Keyword Tool and find the keywords that they suggest based on each one of those newly found keywords. This tool also allows you to see how much traffic each keyword produces (Volume) and how many people are competing for the keyword. (Competitiveness). We derive a weight from these and ten sort and work through these thousands of keywords to come up with a list of 10 – 20 keywords that we think has the highest probability of bringing in the most relevant visitors to your website.

Everything that we do in the search engine optimization process after this point is based on this Keyword Set. We have developed software that will monitor the actions and progress on each of these keywords until it finds the number one spot on Google.

Step 2 – The SEO Audit

You need to know how your website was developed and how it performs in relation to the keyword. Each keyword needs to be supported by an anchor page, which is relevant to that specific keyword. Therefore, content creation is very important. In the SEO Audit that we perform (using our specialized software) we detect the errors on your website and everything that prohibits you from finding that number one position.

We give specific attention to the following items:

  • Major domain characteristics
  • Page's Title
  • Meta Description
  • Page's URL structure
  • Index status and cached snapshot in the search engines
  • Images analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Header tags
  • Keyword density
  • Links analysis
  • Load speed
  • Page load optimization
  • Popularity in social media
  • Usability and technical analysis

Our SEO Audit give a visual explanation of why your website is not preforming as well as an action list of things that needs to be done to get it ranking higher. This information helps us to Set Up an Action Plan on how to create a better optimized website in a step by step manner.

It also helps us not to be in the dark about what the next step in the search engine optimization process is. We value our customers business and are constantly finding ways to increase the return on their investment.

Step 3 – Link Building Process

Link Building is not rocket science. It just takes a lot of effort, dedication, the right system and a deep understanding of why this is important. Finding out who is linking to your competitors and why is the beginning of this part of the process. We simply do a search on Google on each of the major keywords that we have on our keyword list. We then take the first 10 results on each of the searches and analyze their websites with our specialized software to see who are linking to these websites.

Link Building


Once we have this comprehensive list of links to all our competitors, we analyze the links to find the most important ones. Now it is time to work through these links one by one. Find out where the link comes from, why it was placed and if it is possible to link from that source.

This is where most people give up on search engine optimization and why it is such an expensive process. The fact of the matter is it take a lot of time and energy to build these links effectively. Doing it in a systematic way and monitoring each step of the process helps to keep you on track.

Good links are hard to find and that is why this process is so expensive. Most of your business Search Engine Optimization budget will most probably go into this effort.

Step 4 – Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting

As you might have realized by now there are a huge amount of work involved in the search engine optimization process and losing track of what you are doing is easy. By having a step by step process and monitoring each step you will know exactly where you are in the process.

Creating a SEO Report


Measuring your efforts daily is also important. You need to know whether what you are doing is working. Once again, we implement specialized software to do this job for us. With the software we can measure daily where each keyword ranks. What was the movement and based on our actions we will know why this move happened?

We also monitor the backlinks with this software to ensure that the quality of the backlinks is what we are looking for as well as the number of backlinks. Armed with all this information and reports it is also easier to report back to our clients about where we are in the process, what we are focusing on and where are we spending our time and their money. This way the client has a better understanding of their business, the time it will take to get results and where those results will first appear.

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