Companies Who Use SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation.  Companies who use SEO are companies who have web sites and online content and use SEO to get their site ranked higher on internet search engines, such as Google, and this allows more potential customers to view their web site

Companies who use seo

When should a Company decide to use SEO

As over 80% of people looking for a service or product, searches online, and this is getting higher as more and more people and companies are going online, it is the best time for your company to plan for a SEO strategy as soon as possible.  Many companies are reaping the advantages over their competition who don’t have any SEO plan in place, as they are accessing way more of the internet traffic, and thus more potential clients.

The longer you wait to implement a good SEO plan, the longer you will miss out on those many potential customers that your competition is benefiting from.  Putting your SEO strategy into plan as soon as you can, will bring you the advantages of internet reach sooner, and you will soon be seeing the edge you will start gaining over your competitors.

Where do you start with SEO

You have to decide if you have your own resources able to setup, and maintain a good SEO plan for now and the future, or else budget to pay a SEO Company for those services on an ongoing basis.  Many companies have internal resources with good knowledge of SEO and the internet or they pay a reputable SEO Company to provide them with the best SEO service for their money.

Benefits of companies who use SEO

There are many benefits for any companies who use SEO as it does not only offer an effective solution to gaining more customers, but also involves on-going optimization to improve customer access and trust to their web site and thus content.

9 Benefits for Companies who use SEO

1 – It boosts a company’s trust

Companies who use SEo rank higher on online searches, and have updated content and thus is seen more by clients searching for their services online, and this creates better credibility and trust between the potential client and the company.

2 – It can be extremely budget friendly

Companies can save a lot of money on digital marketing costs, especially if they have staff that can do Search Engine Optimization themselves, as opposed to using the services of an external SEO Company.

3 – It supports better content marketing

Companies who use SEO are required to keep their content, such as web site text, photos, media, and documentation up-to-date, and this goes hand in hand with better search engine optimization as keywords used in the content can be part of the whole SEO Optimization process.

4 – It benefits PPC campaigns

Companies who use SEO can boost credibility by using Pay Per Click campaigns and SEO to get both search and PPC rankings at the top of search results pages.

5 – It gives you a competitive edge

Companies who use SEO can have the competitive edge, as their competitors will most likely use either a paid SEO strategy, or a very comprehensive SEO plan, so you should as well to remain competitive.

6 – It can help you reach more potential clients

Companies who use SEO can create a list of keywords relevant to their target customer base, then use research tools to research those keywords, and also check their competitor’s keywords and backlinks to establish better SEO optimisation and use of keywords to reach more clients that may possibly require your services or products.

7 – It helps you rank higher in local searches

As over 80% of potential clients search for local businesses online these days, Companies who use SEO can target local customers, by firstly creating something like a Google My Business Account, requesting reviews from existing clients, using local specific keywords, and making sure your local contact details are always up-to-date.

8 – It makes your web site more user friendly

Companies who use SEO not only keep their web site optimised for search engine ranking, but also regularly keep their site updated, by updating content, visibility, user interface, and just make the whole user experience to their web sites much more enjoyable.

9 – It improves client interaction rates

Companies who use SEO have more optimised web sites.  If you have quality updated content, and are always visible online in searches and social media and review sites, you will bring quality traffic.  SEO also ensures site content is matched to what people search and all this ensures a better browsing expeirence.

What are the costs for Companies who use SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can be very cost effective to any companies who use SEO, as if you have internal staff who have the skills to setup a good SEO strategy, one with ongoing optimisation, you will reap the financial benefits, not only immediately, but for as long as the SEO strategy is being maintained.

 Companies can also opt for using a SEO Company, who provide the service of Search Engine Optimisation with an ongoing support plan, and this although costing more than using your internal staff or own time, is way more cost effective, and also extremely beneficial compared to other forms of digital and media marketing.  Due to the fact that over 80% of people now-a-days search online for businesses and services, Companies who use SEO have the greatest benefit of getting more customers through SEO than other marketing methods.

What are the disadvantages of Companies who use SEO

Although there are more advantages, there are infact a few disadvantages for Companies who use SEO, but the advantages outweigh them:

. It takes time

If you do the SEO and its ongoing maintenance yourself, it will take a lot of time and ongoing time.  This can initially seem counter-productive, but over time this will pay itself off in bringing you more clients, if you put the correct effort and strategy into your SEO.

The internet is your competition

When you expose your company on the internet, and especially when you have a SEO plan setup, you are more visible to not only your clients, and potential clients, but also of course your opposition. They will pick up on your strategies, plans, content, and more, and will use that to improve their SEO and content.

. It can cause penalties if done wrong

You have to know what you’re doing when doing SEO optimisation, as being in the online public space has many social and legal consequences.

. It can be non-profitable in the beginning

Companies who use SEO often don’t see the benefit of SEO in the beginning, as it’s very time consuming to setup a good SEO plan, and the results often start only coming through later as potential clients gain trust what they see online.

. It is always ongoing

Search Engine Optimisation cannot be optimised occasionally, as the internet and it’s content is always changing, and so many other companies with similar content are appearing and changing, Companies who use SEO have to do regular optimisation and research work as part of there SEO plan to remain at the top of their game.

Are their any legal implications for Companies who use SEO

As many companies use the internet as one of their main resources for business, we find that even lawyer companies often use SEO to assist them research cases and access content from various online sources.  Companies who use SEO needs to understand that if they are online they are in the public space, and what they say or expose in the public domain needs to adhere to any conventional legal best practice rules, such as respecting people’s religious, political, ethnic and privicy rules.  SEO itself doesn’t have any legal implecations but relies on your web site content and those keywords and other tools used in SEO to list your site and it’s related content highest in Search Engine rankings.

In short, Companies who use SEo need to just be sensitive to what content they show on their web sites, and also keep updated legal documents and policies visible to potential clients especially if your company provides a service or products with warranties to your customers.  This is not limited only to Companies who use SEO, but any company providing a service or a product to customers online.


In todays digital world, Companies who use SEO have a definite advantage over those who rely on other forms of marketing or have no digital marketing plan in place at all.  

The benefits for Companies who use SEO way outweigh the disadvantages, and as even more and more people use the internet and online shopping as their vertual internet mall, the more beneficial it will become for all companies who want to optimise their marketing strategy, to access as many potential clients possible, to use SEO to reach their most potential.