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Search Engine Optimization Services for your business

It is common knowledge that if you want your business to do well online then you should at least appear on Google’s number one page for your relevant keywords. The first page on Google gets 90% of all the business. Our Search Engine Optimization Services can assist you in getting there.

There are two ways of ranking on the first page:

  • Place Google Ads via Adwords
  • Optimize your page for the Search Engines

Although ads on Google is extremely effective, it is also a very expensive operation. Getting those clicks can cost you a lot of money. Your alternative and most probably the best long term solution is to get your website optimized for the major search engines.

At Business Direct Media we specialize in Search Engine Optimization and can assist you in getting those first page rankings.

Factors influencing your rankings

There are various factors influencing your rankings. Although the exact factors in Google’s algorithm stays a secret, you can still win. Any good Search Engine Optimization Consultant knows what the general factors are. If you attend to these factors you can get good rankings on Google. It all boils down to good SEO management.


Search Engine Optimization Services


Factors influencing your websites Google rankings can basically be divided into three major categories namely:

  • URL Factors
  • On Page Factors
  • Off Page Factors

It is important to remember that Google look at your websites through the eyes of a machine. You need to tell them what your website is about so that they can make the best decision on where to rank your website.

URL Factors for Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization Services is to structure your website URL. The URL should be structured in such a way that the major Search Engines can easily detect what the page is about. If your website URL does not give a clear indication, then your battle to earn that prime first position is already lost.

Your Site Structure is important for the Search Engines. This is to determine which information on your website is the most important.

On Page Factors

Relevancy has become a major factor to Google over the past couple of years, and reflecting relevancy to specific pages and to your site as a whole is very important. If your website is all about ‘cars for sale’, Google don’t want you to mix it up with all other types of content.

When doing Search Engine Optimization for your business website, we consider lots of factors. We ensure that your website content, pages and relevancy all makes sense to the Search Engines.

On Page Search Engine Optimization also includes the correct setting up of your website Meta Tags. Meta Tags are used by most of the search engines, but especially by Google to display your websites to their audience in the proper way. This tells the audience what your page is about and is therefore extremely important to Google in their quest to deliver relevant content.

Google and other Search Engines are also very particular about the amount of times that your website keywords appears in a page. Having the keyword on the page too many times might give them the idea that you are trying to spam their engine. Not having the keyword on the page enough times can leave them clueless about what your page represents. There is a fine balance and you should know how to apply this.

Other on-page factors can include the use of images and videos. This can have a huge influence on your rankings.

Off Page Factors for SEO

Just as there are important on-page factors that is important there are also off-page factors that determines where your page ranks.

Most probably one of the most important factors in off-page optimization is other pages linking to your website. Links from other websites to your website acts as a vote of confidence in your website and are therefore very important to Google.

Due to the fact that many people try to use this issue as a means to manipulate Google into ranking them first, Google has ways to detect when a link is genuine, controlled, relevant and of importance. Many websites gets banned from Google because of bad quality links. Having your Search Engine Optimization Service provider placing good quality links on your website is of utmost importance.


Search Engine Optimization Services

Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services goes hand in hand


Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Social Media has a very important influence on your page rankings. It has to occur naturally and one can get your website banned if you try and control this. Be very careful of services out there that promises high numbers of likes and posts on social media.

Google wants quality website content that is displayed in the correct context. If you offer valuable content, Google will pick it up and will eventually give you your rightful place in the rankings. With all of that said, it is important not to try and manipulate the system. Rather do what you can to optimize your site as good as possible.

How Business Direct Media can help you

With years of experience and thousands of pages indexed by Google we can assist you. We can help you to get your page high up in the rankings. We offer quality Search Engine Optimization Services at very reasonable prices. Call me today at +27 81 2700 884 or email to get a quote. You can also Skype me on christofouche

Whatever your SEO needs, discuss it with us and let us help you make the most of your Online Business.